Life Like a Flower Quotes


I've avoided work all my life, you see. So, I'm like a bee. I go from flower to flower. Malachy Mccourt

This life of ours...human life is like a flower gloriously blooming in a meadow: along comes a goat, eats it up-no more flower. Anton Chekhov

A life without orgasms is like a world without flowers. Paris Hilton

If I could relive my life, what I would do is work with scientists. But not one scientist, because they're locked into their little specializations. I'd go from scientist to scientist to scientist, like a bee goes from flower to flower. Agnes Denes

Money is like a flower. If you squeeze it, you will crush the life out of it. You must let it blossom forth to reveal its full beauty. Venita VanCaspel

Something he knew he had missed: the flower of life. But he thought of it now as a thing so unattainable and improbable that to have repined would have been like despairing because one had not drawn the first prize in a lottery. Edith Wharton

You have to appreciate every single day that you're alive. Life is a little bit like a garden - you have to find time to plant the seeds for beautiful flowers to grow. Oscar De La Renta

Let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death be like autumn leaves. Rabindranath Tagore What a simple thing death is, just as simple as the falling of an autumn leaf. Vincent Van Gogh

Like flowers scattered in a storm, a man's life is a long farewell. Haruki Murakami

Flowers are lovely; love is flower-like; Friendship is a sheltering tree; Oh the joys that came down shower-like, Of friendship, love, and liberty, Ere I was old! Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Because horror on Earth is real and it is every day. It is like a flower or like the sun; it cannot be contained. Alice Sebold

Mother does not exist, like water that has given life to a flower and then disappeared. Mothers live somewhere after giving birth to us. Kim Hyesoon

Like flowers in a storm, life is full of goodbyes Masuji Ibuse

Spirit is a land of high white peaks and glittering jewel-like lakes and flowers. Life is sparse and sounds travel great distances. Dalai Lama

Marriage is like life - it is a field of battle, not a bed of roses. Robert Louis Stevenson

The seeds of Death are sown in us when we begin to live, and grow up till, like rampant weeds, they choak the tender flower of life. Samuel Richardson

A flower is your cousin...Sometimes a person has got to take a life, like a chicken's or a hog's when you need it...But nobody is so hungry they need to kill a flower. Cherokee great-grandmother Barbara Kingsolver

Love is flower like; Friendship is like a sheltering tree. Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Life, it is not simple like a garden, where flowers are always flowers and weeds are always weeds. Lesley Kagen

A woman should be like a single flower, not a whole bouquet. Anna Held



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