Leo Quotes


Team Leo!~ Leo valdez Rick Riordan

Mussolini?" Leo frowned. "Wasn't he like BFFs with Hitler? Rick Riordan

Science is in low regard. Leo Kadanoff

she smiled at him, and at her own fears. Leo Tolstoy

Learn to bend. It's better than breaking. Leo Buscaglia

God gave the day, God gave the strength. Leo Tolstoy

Courage is the capacity to confirm what can be imagined. Leo Rosten

Never say oops in the operating room. Dr. Leo Troy

Energy is based on love. Leo Tolstoy

Only those live who do good. Leo Tolstoy

Catch the beauty of the moment! Leo Buscaglia

Do not destroy what you cannot create. Leo Szilard

Don't over analyze your relationships. Leo Buscaglia

Made thirty, we should make thirty-one Pope Leo X

Conservative: One who admires radicals a century after they're dead. Leo Rosten

Six feet of land was all that he needed. Leo Tolstoy

A king is history's slave. Leo Tolstoy

Read less, study less, but think more. Leo Tolstoy

A truly wise man is always joyful. Leo Tolstoy

When joy disappears, look for your mistake. Leo Tolstoy



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