Keeping Quotes


Keeping a journal implies hope. Erica Jong

Most of us are pretty good at keeping promises to others and pretty bad at keeping promises to ourselves. Lawrence LeShan

You could carve out the inside of a brick and hide your money in it for safe keeping. It's certainly safer than keeping it in the bank! Nicole McKay

Better break your word than do worse in keeping it. Thomas Fuller

There are some secrets that we think we're keeping, but those secrets are actually keeping us. Frank Warren

What is real is beyond all reach. Julian Green

You cannot lose your real treasure. Rajneesh

I couldn't do them if I didn't know horses lived behind them. Charles Keeping

I am just trying to keep it real. Jessie Ware

The secret to keeping moving is keeping moving. Dick Van Dyke

The only secrets are the secrets that keep themselves. George Bernard Shaw

I have this view that losing weight is easy, keeping it off is hard because keeping it off is the discipline. Barry Ofarrell

...while everyone's focusing on keeping the boss happy, who's focusing on keeping the customer happy? James Hunter

People say keeping it real is a hard thing to do. Keeping it real is easy. Being fake and being soft is hard to do. Trick Daddy

Alchemists turned into chemists when they stopped keeping secrets. Eric S Raymond

I tried to keep us together, you were busy keeping secrets Drake

Keeping a journal will change your life in ways that you'd never imagine. Oprah Winfrey

Love is keeping the promise anyway. John Green

The story was writing itself and I was having a hard time keeping up with it. Ernest Hemingway

...women are better at keeping secrets, but men are more comfortable with them. Stephen King



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