Justice League Quotes


I was always a big Justice League fan. I always loved Batman, Superman - I have a weird Martian Manhunter fixation. David Liss

I masterbate in the shower. My action figures judge me. Especially the Justice League. Tucker Max

I did the Justice League thing the wrong way. I read too much on the Internet. You cant do that. The Internet is the devil. Or the Internet is not the devil - the comment boards are the devil. D J Cotrona

Re-introducing Aquaman and getting him to a place like that and then ultimately having him headline a Justice League storyline that crosses over between his book and Justice League really is the culmination of where we've been going with the character since the beginning. His role in this will change the Justice League storyline, it will change him, and it will send them both in new directions. Geoff Johns

I used to watch every episode of 'Justice League,' I went to all the movies, I had the Superman lunchbox. I was enamored with animation in general and always wanted to somehow be a part of it. Jesse Mccartney

We always knew that we wanted to keep Atlantis off for a while and when it did show up, to make it a big story. The goal for Aquaman was to position him as an A-list character; position him as an important member of the Justice League. Geoff Johns

I want to - we're working toward Justice League, and I really want to create the - part of the thing I really want to create is the possibility of a world where they could exist together. Zack Snyder

You need a name." I covered the receiver for a moment. "We need a team name." "Hunters," Raphael said. "Valiant Knights of the Fur," Dali said. "Justice Group," Jim said. "Since Justice League is taken." "Fools." Doolittle shook his head. "Fools," I said into the receiver. Ilona Andrews

I think I've got 12... Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Plastic-Man, Green Lantern, Sandman, The Justice League, The Atom Legion of Superheroes and Teen Titans.... Just about all of their top titles. Stan Lee

I'm excited for everybody to see the books. In Justice League 15, there's a lot of other stuff too that's setup in this storyline that's going to explore Superman and Wonder Woman and Cyborg. Cyborg has a huge role in this story, actually, that sends him on a new path as well. Geoff Johns

If you want peace, work for justice. Pope Paul Vi

Prior to 'Action' and 'Justice League 1,' there was no label 'superhero' for a superpowered being. It's really the emergence of Superman and the Justice League that gets the public comfortable with the idea of people amongst us who have extraordinary power and that they've agreed to be our champions. Jim Lee

My mother used to say: 'It's not enough to be Hungarian. You still need a little talent, too.' To paraphrase her, its not enough to be conservative, you still need to have the brainpower to be a Supreme Court justice. And, if Harriet Miers is confirmed, she likely won't be in the same league with her colleagues in terms of gray matter. Dick Morris

Race determines everything in the criminal justice system Mark Geragos

Our criminal justice system has swallowed up too many people I love. Michael K Williams

How is there going to be Peace when there is no Justice? Cliff Richard

Justice will prevail! Tsugumi Ohba

When you're have known to do voice-overs for Justice League or Legion of Super Heroes or DC/Marvel, you're kind of on that radar. When you do a ton of Star Treks over your career, then you're kind of on that radar in a way. But that doesn't mean you're going to continue getting that type of work. It just means when you do that type of work, you're more firmly tied to that genre. Phil Morris

The Pledge of Allegiance says "...with liberty and justice for all." What part of "all" don't you understand? Patricia Schroeder

There can be no peace without justice and respect for human rights. Irene Khan



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