Just Keep Swimming Quotes


It's like swimming, underwater, this whole year. I just close my eyes. hold my breath, and keep kicking. Laura Moriarty

Swimming is not a sport. Swimming is a way to keep from drowning. That's just common sense! George Carlin

I do weights a few times a week. Not a lot of heavy weights. I do it just to keep my muscle toned. I do some sparring. If I get a chance, I will go swimming or running in-between. I keep in pretty good shape between films. Dolph Lundgren

When it's too difficult to keep swimming, float. Melody Beattie

I think the main thing is: Just do it. Plunge in! Being Canadian, I go swimming in icy cold lakes, and there is always that dithering moment. "Am I really going to do this? Won't it hurt?" And at some point you just have to flop in there and scream. Once you're in, keep going. You may have to crumple and toss, but we all do that. Courage! I think that is what's most required. Margaret Atwood

I actually love swimming but I just hate jumping in the water. Natalie Coughlin

I tried synchronized swimming, but felt, over time, I was just going through the motions. Dana Gould

I'm always swimming forward like a shark. You just keep going and you don't rest. I love waking up knowing that I have a problem to solve. Nile Rodgers

You have to have other things in your life apart from swimming to focus on. It's not going to be just swimming in my life. Jazmin Carlin

My kids, they're like nine or ten years old right now so you give 'em responsibilities just to keep them up on things. It ain't just all about getting on the skateboard or putting your Heelys on, and swimming in the pool all the time. You gotta do stuff like wash dishes, take the trash out, feed the dog. Big Boi

I want to get up in the morning and just roll over in my bed into an indoor swimming pool. And then swim to the breakfast table. Jimi Hendrix

I don't really sit in the sun I have a flagstone terrace surrounding the swimming pool and just carrying the script from the office to the living room gives me an instant suntan. Lester Persky

... "You may not see the ocean, but right now we are in the middle of the ocean, and we have to keep swimming. Tracy Kidder

I always read. You know how sharks have to keep swimming or they die? I'm like that. If I stop reading, I die. Patrick Rothfuss

Many people cycle or swim to keep trim. But if swimming is so good for the figure, how do you explain whales? Charles Saatchi

I've enjoyed training again, I've enjoyed pushing myself in the pool and I'll keep on swimming until I feel I cannot get any more out of myself. Ian Thorpe

The Doctor: Just had a fall. All the way down there, right to the library. Heck of a climb back up. Amelia: You're soaking wet. The Doctor: I was in the swimming pool. Amelia: You said you were in the library. The Doctor: So was the swimming pool. Steven Moffat

That's good. I was worried. Of course, I do have a few things wrong with me, but those are strictly problems I keep inside. I'd hate to think they were obvious to anybody else. Especially at the swimming pool in the summer. Haruki Murakami

I think of me and Melanie when we were younger, on the high dive at the pool in Mexico. We would always hold hands as we jumped, but by the time we swam back up to the surface, we'd have let go. No matter how we tried, once we started swimming, we always let go. But after we bobbed to the surface, we'd climb out of the pool, clamber up the high-dive ladder, clasp hands, and do it again. We're swimming separately now. I get that. Maybe it's just what you have to do to keep above water. But who knows? Maybe one day, we'll climb out, grab hands, and jumo again. Gayle Forman

I just learned how to scuba dive. Id been scared to rely on one little air hose for oxygen, but swimming with all those fish is exhilarating. Cheryl Hines



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