Just Getting Started Quotes


The party's just getting started. This is where the fun starts. Kobe Bryant

I'm thirty-six years old. I'm just getting started! Marilyn Monroe

I just want to leave you with this thought, that it's just been sort of a dress rehearsal, and we're just getting started. So if any of you start resting on your laurels, I mean just forget it, because...we are just getting started. Walt Disney

I believe I'm just getting started. The TV show is just the foundation.... If you're open to the possibilities, your life gets grander, bigger, bolder! Oprah Winfrey

They ask me if I'm going to quit. I thought we were just getting started. We have a revolution to fight, a country to change. Ron Paul

I believe that the memoir is the novel of the 21st century; it's an amazing form that we have' even begun to tap...we"re just getting started figuring out what the rules are. Susan Cheever

I believe that every life is valuable. That we can make things better. That innovation is the key to a bright future. That we're just getting started. Bill Gates

I believe that the memoir is the novel of the 21st century; it's an amazing form that we haven't even begun to tap...we're just getting started figuring out what the rules are. Susan Cheever

At American Airlines, we have built a business around the love of travel that has lasted three quarters of a century. And I'm pretty sure we're just getting started. Gerard Arpey

Often I feel that projects overwhelm us when we look at how many hours are involved until completion. But just getting started is usually not that difficult. Emily Giffin

And I have a message for the liberals and the defenders of the status quo: we're just getting started. Rick Perry

There's a plaque on our wall that says we've sold over 65 million albums, and I don't feel I've accomplished anything. I feel like I'm just getting started. Eddie Van Halen

When I started acting classes, I was inspired. The truth is I never dreamt of being an actress as a child. But it just happened. When I started studying and getting on stage, it just came to me. I never said 'I want to be an actress.' It just happened. I started discovering myself and realized I loved it. Ana Layevska

I've got so many mountains to climb and goals to conquer. I've got so many scars I want to leave on the planet. I just feel like I'm not there yet. I feel like I am just getting started. Nikki Sixx

Don't worry about getting it right. Just get it started. Marie Forleo

People look at me like I'm on my way out of the game. I'm just getting started. Carmelo Anthony

You have to take what you could get when you're getting started. Selena

I started playing guitar when I was 6 or 7 years old, and I think that, within a week of getting my first guitar, I started writing music. I just love it. Robby Benson

When I started training, I just started running every day, which you shouldn't do. I learned that lesson the hard way by getting a stress fracture. Sophia Bush

I do a lot of damage to my hair every day because of my work. I just noticed this huge change. It started getting thinner and it started falling out. I hit 30, and I literally felt like I was balding! Vanessa Minnillo



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