Just Do It Quotes


I just have work to do; I just do it. Ian Mackaye

The most effective way to do it, is to just do it. Amelia Earhart

It is not just do do do. It is not just be be be. It is do be do be do. Amit Goswami

Screw it, just do it! Richard Branson

You just do it one step at a time. Marian Wright Edelman

You don't study photography, you just do it. Elliott Erwitt

You have this one life. So just live it and just do it. Cassey Ho

Beyonce was just always full-out. She's like a beast. So you learn that no matter how you feel, just do it. Just like Nike: 'Just Do It.' Heather Morris

Forget impressing the girl, just do it for yourself! John Badham

If the cost of figuring out whether to do something is more than just doing it, then just do it! Joichi Ito

Just do something that makes you stand out. Even if not everyone likes it, just do it. Kacey Musgraves

Tell ya what I'm gonna do, see. I'm not going to hope. Now, you don't either. Don't hope your life will get better. Just make it so. Don't hope you are able to handle this baby. Just do it. Just be glad, just move fast, just do what you need to do. But for god's sake, don't hope. Just be...Just be... Laura Pritchett

I guess I'm just one of these people who, when I decide I'm going to do something, I just do it. Tom Ford

When I was small I didn't really know what i was doing. I just sang and it came out sounding pretty good. I just do it and it happens. Michael Jackson

I just try things and whether people like it or if I find it successful or not, I just do it. Robert Barry

What parent has it easy? I just never make the difficulty of it an obstacle. I just do it. Marlee Matlin

You don't have to do it straight away, but just do it before it gets really bad Karl Pilkington

Don't 'just do it.' First, plan it, then do it. Hal Elrod

It was just one of those things," I said, "You know, that just happen. You don't think or plan. You just do it. Sarah Dessen

You can be afraid to voice your opinions but you just fight through it. It's like NIKE okay you just do it. Adrienne Bailon



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