Julius Caesar Roman Empire


Beer ... a high and mighty liquor. Julius Caesar

War gives the right to the conquerors to impose any condition they please upon the vanquished. Julius Caesar

As a rule, what is out of sight disturbs men's minds more seriously than what they see. Julius Caesar

The story of Jesus Christ appearing after he was dead is the story of an apparition, such as timid imaginations can always create in vision, and credulity believe. Stories of this kind had been told of the assassination of Julius Caesar. Thomas Paine

Luke [the gospel writer] screws up his dating by tactlessly mentioning events that historians are capable of independently checking. There was indeed a census under Governor Quirinius - a local census, not one decreed by Caesar Augustus for the Empire as a whole - but it happened too late in 6 AD, long after Herod's death. Richard Dawkins

The list of potential candidates for Julius Caesar is quite large. You could go, "Well, he's a Caesar." Idi Amin, or Bokassa in the Central African Empire, or in Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe coming to power. They have all, at some point in their lives, been candidates for a casting as Julius Caesar. Gregory Doran

The difference between a republic and an empire is the loyalty of one's army Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar was an aristocrat who sided with the Roman people. He's not my hero, but he was one of a long line of what we'll call 'populares,' which were popular leaders who tried to institute these reforms that the people were fighting for. Michael Parenti

Which death is preferable to every other? "The unexpected." Julius Caesar

Never say no to coffee. Julius Caesar

We have not to fear anything, except fear itself. Julius Caesar

Every woman's man, and every man's woman. Julius Caesar

Et tu, Brute. [You also, Brutus.] Julius Caesar

All bad precedents began as justifiable measures. Julius Caesar

The die is cast. Julius Caesar

Which death is preferably to every other? 'The unexpected'. Julius Caesar

I also like a great Caesar salad with anchovies, although I don't know why some places say 'with anchovies.' If you're making a proper Caesar salad, it's going to have anchovies. Paula Poundstone

The United States is now The Empire. There isn't an empire; there's The Empire, and that empire is the United States. Tariq Ali

There was a possibility I could have been under surveillance. Julius Rosenberg

This death sentence is not surprising. It had to be. Julius Rosenberg



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