Jim Carrey Quotes


If I'm not back in five minutes... just wait longer! Jim Carrey

The era of 'yes' has begun. Jim Carrey

The era of "yes" has begun. Jim Carrey

Life doesn't happen to you, it happens for you. Jim Carrey

I just want to be myself. Jim Carrey

Choose love and don't ever let fear turn you away from your playful heart Jim Carrey

The dating process is not normal for me. Jim Carrey

I would do anything to be anywhere in the vicinity of Eckhart Tolle. Jim Carrey

Movies find me, and I kind of just allow them to find me. Jim Carrey

When I started out. I'd drive a hundred miles to do my act for free. Jim Carrey

Not hope, but Faith. I don't believe in hope. Hope is a beggar. Jim Carrey

I hope everybody could get rich and famous... Jim Carrey

But I refuse to believe that I am a better actor than myself. Jim Carrey

If you give up on your dreams, what's left? Jim Carrey

The truth will set you free. Jim Carrey

I cannot be contained...bec ause I am the container Jim Carrey

Risk being seen in all of your glory. Jim Carrey

Uh uh uh, turning the car into oncoming traffic...is counterproductive! Jim Carrey

Movie offers are out there for me, I just don't hear them yet. Jim Carrey

Come back here so that I may brain thee! Jim Carrey



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