Jim Beam Quotes


Jake 'The Snake's' two best friends are Jim Beam & Jack Daniels. Jerry Lawler

Poise the cause in justice's equal scales, Whose beam stands sure, whose rightful cause prevails. William Shakespeare

Thought can wing its way Swifter than lightning-flashes or the beam That hastens on the pinions of the morn. James Gates Percival

The doubtful beam long nods from side to side. Alexander Pope

I think I got off on the wrong planet. Beam me up Scotty, there's no rational life here. Robert Anton Wilson

Take it from me, there's nothing like a job well done. Except the quiet enveloping darkness at the bottom of a bottle of Jim Beam after a job done any way at all. Stephen Colbert

When I got to Los Angeles, I started building cabins in peoples' yards, building post-and-beam structures and cutting the joinery for those. Nick Offerman

I had a constant fear, a constant little doubt in my mind: 'OK, I'm getting ready to do my standing back full on beam and I might re-tear my ACL.' Shawn Johnson

Beam me up, Mr. Speaker. James Traficant

An everlasting lodestar, that beams the brighter in the heavens the darker here on earth grows the night. Thomas Carlyle

Young man,the conversation was between Lord Trask and myself. And when someone says something you don't understand,don't tell him he's crazy. Ask him what he means. What DO you mean Lord Trask? H. Beam Piper

Let her alone,' said the enkanto, 'or I will curse you blind, lame, and worse.' The old man laughed. 'I'm a curse breaker, fool.' The elf grabbed one of the Jim Beam bottles from the table and slammed it down, so that he was holding a jagged glass neck. The elf smiled a very thin smile. 'Then I won't bother with magic. Holly Black

A Christian's wit is offensive light, A beam that aids, but never grieves the sight; Vig'rous in age as in the flush of youth, 'Tis always active on the side of truth. William Cowper

[On being criticized for her serious expression:] I simply ache from smiling. Why are women expected to beam all the time? It's unfair. If a man looks solemn, it's automatically assumed he's a serious person, not a miserable one. Queen Elizabeth II

The difference is as great between The optics seeing as the objects seen. All manners take a tincture from our own; Or come discolor'd through out passions shown; Or fancy's beam enlarges, multiplies, Contracts, inverts, and gives ten thousand dyes. Alexander Pope

Hail, holy light! offspring of heaven firstborn! Or of th' eternal co-eternal beam, May I express thee unblam'd? since God is light And never but in unapproached light Dwelt from eternity, dwelt then in thee, Bright effluence of bright essence increate! John Milton

And here the sunflower of the spring Burns bright in morning's beam. Ebenezer Elliott

Like the last beam of evening thrown on a white cloud, just seen and gone. Walter Scott

Poise the cause in justice's equal scales, Whose beam stands sure, whose rightful cause prevails. William Shakespeare

Where art thou, beam of light? Hunters from the mossy rock, saw ye the blue-eyed fair? Ossian



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