Jackson Mississippi Quotes


I grew up in Jackson, Mississippi, really in suburbia, so my mother was in community theatre plays Beth Henley

I hear Raleigh's new accounting business isn't doing well. Maybe up in New York or somewhere it's a good thing, but in Jackson, Mississippi, people just don't care to do business with a rude, condescending asshole. Kathryn Stockett

I'm from the Mississippi delta originally. Little Milton

I was born in Jackson, Mississippi, in 1969, in a time and place where no one was saying, Look how far weve come, because we hadnt come very far, to say the least. Although Jacksons population was half white and half black, I didnt have a single black friend or a black neighbor or even a black person in my school. Kathryn Stockett

I love being so tight on people in close-ups that the veins in their eyes look like the Mississippi River. Sylvester Stallone

I grew up in Jackson, Mississippi, really in suburbia, so my mother was in community theatre plays. Beth Henley

I grew up in Kilmichael, Mississippi. It's a dot on the map 100 miles north of Jackson. Grace Hightower

His [the President's] earnest desire is, that you may perpetuated and preserved as a nation; and this he believes can only be doneand secured by your consent to remove to a country beyond the Mississippi.... Where you are, it is not possible you can live contented and happy. Andrew Jackson

It's already 95 degrees outside. Mississippi got the most unorganized weather in the nation. Kathryn Stockett

The distance between taking social action and having the knowledge is as wide as the mouth of the Mississippi. Mort Sahl

Mississippi Mermaid was a very special experience because we only had the dialogues for the scenes we were shooting the night before. Catherine Deneuve

Everyone thinks because you're from the south you know everyone down there, but it's not like that; I never knew nothing about no Mississippi. Buddy Guy

I see more genuine sociability between the races in Mississippi than I see in Michigan. No question. Jim Harrison

The folks in Mississippi are saying, 'Thank God for Texas.' Kinky Friedman

I rode on a float in one of the parades in Mississippi. It's an experience. Elliott Smith

I'm not a liberal elite who was educated in the northeast, for example, I'm just a kid from Mississippi. Shepard Smith

Only remember west of the Mississippi it's a little more look, see, act. A little less rationalize, comment, talk. F Scott Fitzgerald

It's easy to forget history or give it a cliff notes. The cliff notes of history. But mainly, so much of what happens in 'Eyes on the Prize' happened in Jackson, Mississippi. Jackson, Mississippi isn't really known for any other touchstone to the movement, other than Medgar Evers being killed. There were sit-ins and riots and atrocities. Tate Taylor

My favorite figure of the American author is that of a man who breeds a favorite dog, which he throws into the Mississippi River for the pleasure of making a splash. The river does not splash, but it drowns the dog. Henry Adams

Well, you have to understand where we came from. We are not here because we decided 10 years ago that we were going to be x-size company, and, oh, yeah, Jackson would be a good headquarters. We work here in Mississippi because we started here, and we are certainly happy here. Those of us working out of Jackson intend to continue working out of Jackson. Bernard Ebbers



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