Jackie Brown Quotes


I wasn't trying to top Pulp Fiction with Jackie Brown. I wanted to go underneath it and make a more modest character study movie. Quentin Tarantino

I think one of the most important American films is Jackie Brown, which is such a humble depiction of humble characters but so powerful. The film was pure depiction of the American poverty of the 90s. Arnaud Desplechin

My ass may be dumb, but I ain't no dumbass. Samuel L Jackson

Girl, don't make me put my foot in your ass. Samuel L Jackson

My dad was into the 1950s doo-wop era. If you look at those groups, or at James Brown, Jackie Wilson and the Temptations in the 1960s, you'll see you had to be sharp onstage. Bruno Mars

There's people saying that 'Jackie Brown' was a blaxploitation movie, when there's nothing at all blaxploitation about it other than Pam Grier being in it. Michael Jai White

I'm an actor, I worry about everything. Jackie Earle Haley

A lot of people say, 'Well, I like a challenge.' I don't like challenges. Life is tough enough without any challenges. Jackie Gleason

Another day goes by Still the children cry Put a little love in your heart. Jackie Deshannon

If you want the world to know We won't let hatred grow Put a little love in your heart. Jackie Deshannon

Her hair is Harlow gold Her lips a sweet surprise Her hands are never cold She's got Bette Davis eyes Jackie Deshannon

When Harvard men say they've graduated from Radcliffe, then we've made it. Jackie Kennedy

It helped her [Caroline] learn that something you create yourself is the best kind of present. Jackie Kennedy

I've been riding on Cloud Nine since the election, and I don't think I'll ever come down. Today, everything is complete. Jackie Robinson

I mean, I can sit down with a guitar, and in fact, we do two, three songs with just guitar and percussion. Jackie Deshannon

Ignorance is kind of bliss. Jackie Deshannon

I always went with my agenda, I just couldn't execute it. Jackie Deshannon

I never cared about acceptance as much as I cared about respect. Jackie Robinson

James Brown, Ray Charles, Jackie Wilson, Chuck Berry and Little Richard - I think they had strong influences on a lot of people, because these were the guys who really got rock'n'roll going. I like to start with the origin of things, because once it gets along it changes. It's so interesting to see how it really was in the beginning. Michael Jackson

As much as I liked and admired the various members of the Kennedy family, my first loyalty was to Jackie. Pierre Salinger



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