Ivy League Quotes


I was very close to playing at an Ivy League School. The Division I schools, when a coach would come visit all he would talk about was my size. Doug Flutie

I never went to camp as a kid. I couldn't get into an Ivy League school. I wouldn't join a biker club. Bob Saget

There's more philosophy in jiu-jitsu mats than in any Ivy League school in America. Renzo Gracie

Academia is a rarified culture, especially an Ivy League academic background. Paul Giamatti

I never graduated high school; they had to change the Ivy League rules. During my tenure at Brown, I helped them become the number one Ivy League school. Robert Evans

I'm a graduate of Princeton, and I just want to say you don't have to go to an Ivy League school to be on the Supreme Court. Richard Land

By climbing a steeper road, the value and appreciation Delaware State students took and continue to take from their education and their experiences is just as great, if not greater, than students attending ivy league schools. Michael N Castle

ROTC programs at Ivy League campuses would liberalize the military. That can only be good for this country. Evan Wright

Every writer has his favorite coterie of enemies: Mine is the East Coast literati - those prep school playmates and their Ivy League colleagues. Edward Abbey

I don't want to send my money to a bunch of Hugo Chavez-loving, Ivy League ideologically educated, politically opportunistic careerist in Washington, D.C. Sean Hannity

If the Ivy League was the breeding ground for the elites of the American Century, Stanford is the farm system for Silicon Valley. Ken Auletta

When it came to the 2000 election, 84 percent of Ivy League faculty voted for Al Gore, 6 percent for Ralph Nader and 9 percent for George Bush. In the general electorate, the vote was split at 48 percent for Gore and Bush, and 3 percent for Nader. Walter E. Williams

These ivy league students are in the upper echelon of the college boards and had great opportunity in front of them regardless of where they go to college. Its in their very nature and it is something they expect. Michael N Castle

When I was 14 or 15, I was a really good volleyball player, so I thought, 'Well, maybe I'll just get a scholarship to an Ivy League school through volleyball.' Then I quit when I decided to focus on theater. Elizabeth Olsen

Voters inclined to loathe and fear elite Ivy League schools rarely make fine distinctions between Yale and Harvard. All they know is that both are full of rich, fancy, stuck-up and possibly dangerous intellectuals who never sit down to supper in their undershirt no matter how hot the weather gets. Russell Baker

Many kids think unless they go to one of these great Ivy League schools, which I was lucky enough to go to later, that they won't get the same kind of learning. But I learned just the opposite lesson; that my best teachers were not at Harvard University. Doris Kearns Goodwin

I'm often wrong, but never in doubt. Ivy Baker Priest

We were totally opposite - me coming from the West Coast and a junior college, and him [ Christopher Reeve] from the hard-core Ivy League. He used to be the studly studly of all studlies, and I was the little fool ferret boy. Robin Williams

When I discovered PopTech and other kind of intellectualish, online portals for curiosity. Very quickly, I just got so much more out of those than from so-called "Ivy League" education that I knew it was on me to keep myself stimulated, and to keep learning, more than anything. And, because I paid my way through college, I was working at Penn, two to four jobs at a time to pay for school. Maria Popova

It was feminism that made it possible for women to go to the Ivy League and women to be astronauts and women to have their own TV shows. What happened, though, was that the generation after feminism, which is my generation, misunderstood what feminism was saying. Debora Spar



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