Intimately Connected Quotes


The desire for transcendence is intimately connected with the desire for creativity. It is just as essential to who and what we are. Marianne Williamson

Honesty and interest are as intimately connected in the public as in the private code of morality. Thomas Jefferson

No one is ignorant that our character and turn of mind are intimately connected with the water-closet. Voltaire

No one connected intimately with a writer has any appreciation of his temperament, except to think him overdoing everything. Zane Grey

To me, what makes physics physics is that experiment is intimately connected to theory. It's one whole. Lene Hau

Piety, religion, and morality are intimately connected with the well being of that state, and indispensable to the administration of civil justice. Joseph Story

There are few substance to which it yields interest, when it is considered how very intimately the knowledge and properties and uses of iron is connected with human civilization. George Fownes

As the sense of smell is so intimately connected with that of taste, it is not surprising that an excessively bad odour should excite wretching or vomitting in some persons. Charles Darwin

For Fanon, becoming actional is connected to his idea of a new humanism, which is explicitly critical of European humanism so intimately connected with colonialism. So, it is not simply about finding new concepts from anywhere, but being both critical and self-critical and also being very open to what is happening on the ground. Nigel Gibson

He who exhibits no faults is a fool or a hypocrite, whom we should mistrust. There are faults so intimately connected with fine qualities that they indicate them, and we do well not to correct them. Joseph Joubert

Growing inequality is a huge problem, and of course is intimately connected to xenophobia and racism. Adam Hochschild

How a person seems to show up for us is intimately connected to how we choose to show up for them. Marianne Williamson

Our phones are so intimately connected to us, to our lives. Putting advertising on a device like that is a bad idea. You don't want to be interrupted by ads when you're chatting with your loved ones. Jan Koum

I would suggest that faith is everyone's business. The advance or decline of faith is so intimately connected to the welfare of a society that it should be of particular interest to a politician. William Wilberforce

My theory is that the way you cope with the depths will ascertain the heights that you reach - they are intimately connected - and if you have a lust for life, you are also going to have a lust for death. Sebastian Horsley

We are all connected. Regina Taylor

Time, for example, is intimately connected with the goddess Kali, which partly accounts for her destructive nature. Energy - in Einstein's equation, E=MC2 - is personified in India as Shakti in her various guises. Roger Housden

Everyone you meet in your life - even total strangers - are already intimately connected to you. The idea that we are all separate and distinct beings is nothing but an illusion. We are all parts of a larger whole, like individual cells in a body. Steve Pavlina

One must speak for a struggle for a new culture, that is, for a new moral life that cannot but be intimately connected to a new intuition of life, until it becomes a new way of feeling and seeing reality Antonio Gramsci

It is sufficiently humiliating to our nature to reflect that our knowledge is but as she rivulet, our ignorance as the sea. On points of the highest interest, the moment we quit the light of revelation we shall find that Platonism itself is intimately connected with Pyrrhonism, and the deepest inquiry with the darkest doubt. Charles Caleb Colton



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