Inspirational Charm Bracelets


I used to collect charms and bracelets. Natalie Grant

Whatever charm thou hast, be charming. Ovid

Gently touching with the charm of poetry. Lucretius

Counterfeit charm is worse than none at all. Arlene Francis

Charm is simply the art of being pleasing. Patti Page

Charm lies in complete forgetfulness of self. Margery Wilson

Pity is woman's sweetest charm. Honore De Balzac

Screenwriting Joe Eszterhas have always talked about the charm of evil. Chris Hayes

Charm is more valuable than beauty. You can resist beauty but you can't resist charm. Audrey Tautou

Much energy is wasted in trying to charm others. And in wanting to charm - I tell you, the opposite happens Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

I made a garland for her head, And bracelets too, and fragrant zone; She look'd at me as she did love, And made sweet moan. John Keats

Fortify yourself against seductive eloquence. Regina Maria Roche

The charms of seclusion are seldom combined with the conveniences of civilization. Ethel Smyth

Beware the beguiled, they do their own beguiling. Lucille Kallen

when people say you're charming you are in deep trouble. Jamaica Kincaid

The beauty of science hugely outranks the charms of superstition. Christopher Hitchens

Charm might be described as enlightened self-interest, a development of one's best self. ... In the simplest possible terms, I think genuine charm is an unmotivated interest in others. Arlene Francis

Charm is a woman's strength just as strength is a man's charm. Havelock Ellis

Only deeds give strength to life, only moderation gives it charm. Jean Paul

The secret of language is the secret of sympathy, and its full charm is possible only to the gentle John Ruskin



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