Inspirational About Hospitality Quotes


Hospitality is simply love on the loose. Joan D. Chittister

Learning professionals need to be thinking about creating learning experiences rather than learning content Charles Jennings

True Hospitality is welcoming the stranger on her own terms. This kind of hospitality can only be offered by those who've found the center of their lives in their own hearts. Henri Nouwen

Turning your nose up at a genuine and sincere gesture of hospitality is no way to travel or to make friends around the world. Anthony Bourdain

Whatever we believe about ourselves and our ability comes true for us. Susan L Taylor

Successful people tend to become more successful because they are always thinking about their successes. Brian Tracy

Success is about having, excellence is about being. Success is about having money and fame, but excellence is being the best you can be. Mike Ditka

When I sell liquor, it's bootlegging. When my patrons serve it on a silver tray on Lakeshore Drive, it's hospitality. Al Capone

Hospitality is the key to new ideas, new friends, new possibilities. What we take into our lives changes us. Without new people and new ideas, we are imprisoned inside ourselves. Joan D. Chittister

Life's not just about being alive, but being well. Martial

I don't say: 'can't do that', 'won't do that'. I've never thought in that way about work. The genuine truth, and I do think about this a lot, is that I'm one of the least competitive people you'll ever meet. Except with myself. Daniel Craig

One uncongenial guest can ruin a dinner more easily than a poor salad, and that is saying a great deal. Myrtle Reed

There is nothing wrong with not wanting to be a hospitable person and have groups of people in your home touching your personables. Amy Sedaris

You get some success. You run into some's how tenacious you are, how irrepressible, how ultimately optimistic and tenacious you are about it that will determine your success. Steve Ballmer

Forget about the fast lane. If you really want to fly, just harness your power to your passion Oprah Winfrey

Talking about our problems is our greatest additction. Break the habit. Talk about your joys. Rita Schiano

Marketing is not about your agency winning awards. It's about your organization winning business. David Meerman Scott

Don't be concerned about others not appreciating you. Be concerned about your not appreciating others. Confucius

If you are relaxing and subconsciously thinking about your coming race, you are going to perform at just about 100 percent efficiency. Mark Spitz

None of us is as smart as all of as Eric Schmidt



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