Inspirational About Elderly People Quotes


I don't think films about elderly people have been made very much. Maggie Smith

It means protecting people, showing loving concern for each and every person, especially children, the elderly, those in need, who are often the last we think about. Pope Francis

What the hell do doctors know about exercise? Most of them know zero. You gotta push elderly people to failure like anybody else. Then the body responds. Jack Lalanne

Hollywood does not write parts for people like me, an elderly gentleman, and when they find out you're crippled, forget about it. No, I'll never work again. Ricardo Montalban

How about no income tax at all on people over 65? People would continue working, remain healthier, not be an economic and social drain on society. Then the elderly would also have more disposable income to help charitable activities. John Templeton

Modeling was another job like some of the other ones I had. Working as a cashier, I delivered newspapers, I worked in a retirement home feeding elderly people. . . so I never stopped and thought about, boy, I'm a successful model. Kathy Ireland

I don't think films about elderly people have been made very much. I think of Cocoon and Driving Miss Daisy. But they always seem to be fairly successful, so it's a bit baffling as to why everybody has to be treated as if they were five-years-old. Maggie Smith

I think that society has to be careful not to shift all of its resources to the elderly versus the young. I get very concerned when people talk about cutting education budgets. Bill Gates

I know what I write about seems exotic to a lot of people, but not for me. I pulled up to an old trading post and saw a few elderly Navajos sitting on a bench. I felt right at home. Tony Hillerman

By the time you're eighty years old you've learned everything. You only have to remember it. Bill Vaughan

As a liberal, I am morally obligated to be pragmatic. What good do I do poor people, elderly people, people who are being discriminated against because of their sexual orientation if I'm not realistic about accomplishing something. Barney Frank

People, workers, the elderly, all these people I see with sympathy and affection. These are the people who have fought the battle of life and who now and then show the hard work and the frustration ...It's all about human activity, it's truth, and we all get there. Duane Hanson

From watching Lester (Flatt), I learned that it's important to be loyal to the people who made you and bought your music. He called me up to the front of the (tour) bus on the very first trip I went on with him. Lester pointed out two elderly people who were walking towards the but. He said, 'Those two people have been coming to see me since the mid 40's. That's what a country fan is all about.' Marty Stuart

You can only perceive real beauty in a person as they get older. Anouk Aimee

Elderly people are like heat-seeking missiles for people who really have an interest in listening. Robert M. Edsel

Young people...have more compassion and tenderness toward the elderly than most middle-aged adults. Nothing-not avarice, not pride, not scrupulousness, not impulsiveness-so disillusions a youth about her parents as the seemingly inhumane way they treat her grandparents. Louise J Kaplan

Roman Catholicism: a hundred million people bowing down before a flesh-hating, elderly celibate. Barbara Ehrenreich

My whole childhood was like: Work hard, be quiet, respect elderly people, respect your parents, and just be unobtrusive. Mindy Kaling

People who don't cherish their elderly have forgotten whence they came and whither they go. Ramsey Clark

People who watch morning television are elderly, infirm or emotionally immature. Roy Hattersley



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