Infinity Quote Tattoos


What does infinity mean to you? Are you not infinity and yourself? Dejan Stojanovic

The present is elastic to embrace infinity. Louis K Anspacher

Infinity converts the possible into the inevitable. Norman Cousins

log log log x goes to infinity with great dignity. Daniel Shanks

Thats how we survive infinity - we kill it by breaking it up into small bits. Terry Pratchett

[L]ove is inventive to infinity. Vincent de Paul

Infinity: Time on an ego trip. Jane Wagner

What I look for in musicians is a sense of infinity Pat Metheny

A Breath of love can take you all the way to infinity Rumi

An object, after all, is what makes infinity private. Joseph Brodsky

God is the tangential point between zero and infinity. Alfred Jarry

I have a lot of tattoos. I probably have over 100 tattoos. I don't know. It's just a mural... a collage. Tyga

God created infinity, and man, unable to understand infinity, had to invent finite sets. Gian-Carlo Rota

Infinity is the end. End without infinity is but a new beginning. Dejan Stojanovic

I've been so anti-tattoos my whole life. Robin Wright

I just like tattoos. Amy Winehouse

I don't have any tattoos. Paul Dano

Every relationship of man to the infinite is religion, namely of a man in the full abundance of his humanity. Whenever a mathematician calculates infinity, that, to be sure, is not religion. Infinity conceived in this abundance is the Godhead. Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

Who is so brave and so noble that they could hurl themselves at infinity without any question, with complete trust and complete certainty that that infinity will destroy them forever? Frederick Lenz

Life is not about finding our limitations, it's about finding our infinity. Herbie Hancock



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