Incongruous Quotes


The beautiful must be incongruous. Julien Torma

Comedy is the kindly contemplation of the incongruous. P G Wodehouse

People want incongruous, impossible things. Kristin Cashore

Superstition may be defined as constructive religion which has grown incongruous with intelligence. John Tyndall

It seemed rather incongruous that in a society of supersophisticated communication, we often suffer from a shortage of listeners. Erma Bombeck

Destiny has a constant passion for the incongruous. Booth Tarkington

Nirvana is something that cannot be known here. I know it seems incongruous, but it is only incongruous from the perspective of the dialectical consciousness of division, of time and space Frederick Lenz

I hazard the guess that man will be ultimately known for a mere polity of multifarious, incongruous, and independent denizens. Robert Louis Stevenson

...the question undoubtedly is, or soon will be, not whether or no we shall employ notation in chemistry, but whether we shall use a bad and incongruous, or a consistent and regular notation. William Whewell

There's not a lot of towns that I can go to and take family - too many incongruous knocks on doors - "Hello, honey. Have you missed me?" Robert Plant

I seemed to be leading a very incongruous life from the point of view of the definition of the community I was in. Frederick Lenz

Dear Brigan, she thought to herself. People want incongruous, impossible things. Horses do, too. Kristin Cashore

What is the city in which we sit here, but an aggregate of incongruous materials, which have obeyed the will of some man? Ralph Waldo Emerson

A sense of humor judges one's actions and the actions of others from a wider reference and a longer view and finds them incongruous. It dampens enthusiasm; it mocks hope; it pardons shortcomings; it consoles failure. It recommends moderation. Thornton Wilder

A satirist is a man whose flesh creeps so at the ugly and the savage and the incongruous aspects of society that he has to express them as brutally and nakedly as possible to get relief. John Dos Passos

This is still the strangest thing in all man's travelling, that he should carry about with him incongruous memories. Robert Louis Stevenson

A beach is not only a sweep of sand, but shells of sea creatures, the sea glass, the seaweed, the incongruous objects washed up by the ocean. Henry Grunwald

The taste for quotations (and for the juxtaposition of incongruous quotations) is a Surrealist taste. Susan Sontag

But human experience is usually paradoxical, that means incongruous with the phrases of current talk or even current philosophy. George Eliot

Money is speech. It's incongruous to say a multimillionaire can spend as much on his own campaign as he wants, but you can only give $2,300. His free speech rights are different from yours, thus violating the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution. It's absurd. Roger Stone



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