Important Quotes From the Chosen


The important thing to realize is that while we may not escape our own basic pattern, we can work in harmony with it. That is where free will comes in. Once having chosen, a man has to accept the consequences of his choice, and go on from there. Swami Yogananda

Politicians need a better understanding of global ecology. We need to be freed from our species-specific arrogance. No evidence exists that we are chosen, the unique species for which all the others were made. Nor are we the most important one because we are so numerous, powerful and dangerous. Lynn Margulis

The first presentation of my show was given in May, 1883, at Omaha, which I had then chosen as my home. From there we made our first summer tour, visiting practically every important city in the country. Buffalo Bill

Nothing generates more heat in the government than the question of who is chosen to participate in important meetings. Richard Holbrooke

I don't regret the decisions or direction I've chosen, but I feel it's important to be self aware. Jacob Bannon

In one important sense, Marxism is a religion. To the believer it presents, first, a system of ultimate ends that embody the meaning of life and are absolute standards by which to judge events and actions; and, secondly, a guide to those ends which implies a plan of salvation and the indication of the evil from which mankind, or a chosen section of mankind, is to be saved. Joseph A Schumpeter

The first step is the most important. It is the most crucial and the most effective as it will initiate the direction you have chosen. Steve Backley

The axe is the most important bush tool there is. Outside of fire, nothing may contribute to your comfort and leisure than a well chosen axe. Mors Kochanski

I have never imagined being or wished to be chosen as something important in the world. I have always tried to be a humble servant of God and a humble member of humanity. Fethullah Gulen

I learned the most important lesson of my life: that the extraordinary is not the birthright of a chosen and privileged few, but of all people, even the humblest. That is my one certainty: we are all the manifestation of the divinity of God. Paulo Coelho

The captain of a ship is not chosen from those of the passengers who comes from the best family. Blaise Pascal

Wisdom does' come only from the experience you have had, but from the experience you have chosen not to have. Anthony Marais

Wisdom doesn't come only from the experience you have had, but from the experience you have chosen not to have. Anthony Marais

If you ask the lion to protect from from wolves, you have only chosen to end in one belly instead of another. Robert Jordan

The most important thing for workers to understand is that you have to make yourself indispensable. You must make money for your employer or make his life easier, preferably both. Also, you have to learn as much as you can about your chosen endeavor. Bill O'Reilly

The Romans thought of themselves as the chosen people, yet they built the greatest army on Earth by recruiting warriors from any background. Amy Chua

From Paul to Stalin, the popes who have chosen Caesar have prepared the way for Caesars who quickly learn to despise popes. Albert Camus

One cannot desire freedom from the Cross when one is especially chosen for the Cross. Edith Stein

One must choose between God and Man, and all "radicals" and "progressives", from the mildest liberal to the most extreme anarchist, have in effect chosen Man. George Orwell

[Donald trump] is moved from the enemy being Barack Obama, now gone, fading is Hillary Clinton, and there is no question he's chosen the enemy. Mark Shields



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