Impact Sports Quotes


Then came the choreography... the impact of music and choreography tends to really emphasize an overall feeling of what you really want out of the program. Peggy Fleming

I always wanted to create a site that was sports and pop culture. '30 for 30 had a big impact because I loved how that was about finding, empowering and working with these incredible directors, and I thought the same thing could work for writers. Bill Simmons

Politics should not interfere with sports. And sports should impact politics. Vladimir Putin

Basketball is sort of an interesting sport that, you know, the top player on your team makes so much more of an impact than the top player in any other sport. Daryl Morey

You want to be the guy who makes an impact in every game. In this sport it's all about results-winning games and making the playoffs. Martin St. Louis

Hockey is an amazing sport and it has definitely had a positive impact on my life. But my dad always said school comes first, and if I didn't do well in school I didn't get to play hockey. P. K. Subban

I would love to see more African-American females engaged in all aspects of sports. All of the research tells us that participation in sports has a very positive impact in both the short and long term. Girls who participate in sports have a higher self-esteem and are more likely to graduate from college, and 80 percent of female executives played team sports growing up. Laurel J. Richie

I found out that if you are going to win games, you had better be ready to adapt. Scotty Bowman

A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever. Mary Lou Retton

Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement. Matt Biondi

The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning. Pele

So, if I'm no cheerleader of sports, why write a chapter about it? Sports do have some positive impact on society. They solve problems, such as how to get inner-city kids to spend $175 on shoes. They serve as a backdrop for some of our most memorable commercials. And they remain the one and only relevant application of math. Not only that, but we have sports to thank for most of the last century's advances in manliness. The system starts in school, where gym class separates the men from the boys. Then those men are taught to be winners, or at least, losers that hate themselves. Stephen Colbert

A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives. Jackie Robinson

When you're rich, you don't write checks. Straight cash, homey. Randy Moss

I could never be a sports writer, unless my assignment was to write 'sports sports sports sports sports' for three pages. Megan Boyle

If you want to make a great sports movie, don't put too much sports in it. It's the backdrop. It's the environment. Kevin Costner

The rewards are going to come, but my happiness is just loving the sport and having fun performing. Jackie Joyner-Kersee

The best and fastest way to learn a sport is to watch and imitate a champion. Jean-Claude Killy

What's tough is being good every day. Willie Mays

Never give up! Failure and rejection are only the first step to succeeding. Jim Valvano



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