I'm Different Quotes


I usually find several ways to express myself: different moods, different days, different voices, different things, 'I'm lighthearted today, I'm gonna do this.' Fred Durst

I'm turned on by diversity. I'm turned on by things that are different. I like different animals, I like different ways of travel, and I like different people. Dominic Monaghan

I'm different, and I'm not afraid to be different. Debby Ryan

I'm cocky. It's different. Cocky is playful. Adam Levine

I'm no different than you. Patti Labelle

I'm a different athlete, I'm a different person. Libby Trickett

I'm not trying to do something different, I'm trying to do the same thing but in a different way Vivienne Westwood

I don't think I'm better than other people, I think I'm different from other people, because I do different things. Michael Jackson

I'm lucky that I've worked with so many different directors with very different styles and with a lot of different actors. Emma Watson

I think I'm a different person with different people. Pamela Anderson

I'm not weird, just different from people who aren't different. Barbra Streisand

I'm not a slave to objectivity. I'm never quite sure what it means. And it means different things to different people. Peter Jennings

I'm not better than you; I'm just different than you in a way that's better. Russell Brand

I embrace that I'm different. That I'm unique. Miguel

I'm strongly into the Bible; I'm strongly into God and religion.I'm pro-life and different things. Donald Trump

If I'm in london it can be different than if I'm somewhere else. Zaha Hadid

I do different things. I'm a designer. I'm a painter. Paula Scher

I'm not a singer. I'm a musician, which is different. Tracie Bennett

I'm different, and my manner invites questions. I'm never afraid to answer. Marlee Matlin

My mother says I'm crazy, I'm not crazy, I just have a different way of looking at things. James Kidd



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