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If you want to get to know somebody you don't ask other people: 'How is she?' You talk to the person herself. And then you don't ask about facts like 'date of birth' or 'profession of parents.' but you talk about essential questions and themes in life. Angelina Maccarone

Ask the right questions if you're going to find the right answers. Vanessa Redgrave

One of the things that Ivar knew about Mrs. Walker was that she would only tell him what she knew if he asked the right question, so he spent a portion of his time meditating over what he might ask Mrs. Walker and how he might phrase the question. Jane Smiley

If you ask too many questions, you will find no answers, only more questions. Monica Fairview

An expert knows all the answers - if you ask the right questions. Anonymous

She smiled, if he could see that, and waited for him to ask the real question. But he was silent. He wanted her to volunteer the story, she realized, and she could just as easily choose to say nothing. But he deserved to know. They all deserved it, and Kirra already knew it, and Cammon may have guessed it, because Cammon could read souls, but Tayse was the only one she would tell. Sharon Shinn

If you ask a stupid question, you may feel stupid; if you don't ask a stupid question, you remain stupid. Tony Rothman

The correct strategy for Americans negotiating with Japanese or other foreign clients is a Japanese strategy: ask questions. When you think you understand, ask more questions. Carefully feel for pressure points. If an impasse is reached, don't pressure. Suggest a recess or another meeting. John L. Graham

I'm not going to lie, there are more interesting ways to spend your time than answering questions about yourself. But if there were no questions to ask me, I might have a beef with that. Colin Farrell

Newspapermen ask dumb questions. They look up at the sun and ask if it is shining. Sonny Liston

If there are no stupid questions, then what kind of questions do stupid people ask? Do they get smart just in time to ask questions? Scott Adams

Two big questions that people ask me are: if we make these robots more and more human-like, will we accept them - will they need rights eventually? And the other question people ask me is, will they want to take over? Rodney Brooks

If you do not know how to ask the right question, you discover nothing. W Edwards Deming

Miss Celia stares down into the pot like she's looking for her future. "Are you happy, Minny?" "Why you ask me funny questions like that?" "But are you?" "Course I's happy. You happy too. Big house, big yard, husband looking after you." I frown at Miss Celia and I make sure she can see it. Because ain't that white people for you, wondering if they are happy ENOUGH. Kathryn Stockett

If you don't ask me questions, I can't give you an untrue answer. Oliver Goldsmith

When pastors ask me if their people will buy this vision, I ask them two questions: "Have they bought into your leadership?" If they haven't, don't ever try to pass on a vision. Second, "Have you processed this vision correctly?" John C Maxwell

If you do not wish to be lied to, do not ask questions. If there were no questions, there would be no lies. B. Traven

She had always told herself that she did hti job because she wanted to help others; afterall, hadn't Maurice told her once that the most important question any individual could ask was, "How might I serve?" If her response to that question had been pure, surely she would have coninued with the calling to be a nurse.... But that role hadn't been quite enough for her. She would have missed the excitement, the thrill when she embarked on the work of collecting clues to support a case. Jacqueline Winspear

Ask questions if you really want to know the answers. Lexi Ainsworth

People ask me the most naive questions. Someone asked me if we have indoor toilets. I can't get upset. They just don't know. Rihanna



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