I Love My Future Wife Quotes


I love my wife dearly, and, therefore, I've never cooked a meal, romantic or otherwise, for her. Steve Carell

I love my wife, she deserves anything and everything. Aaron Spelling

I can't help but look for my future wife in the crowd. Niall Horan

I love my wife, I love my kids. Ted Mcginley

I often think about my future wife and how lax she's been about getting in touch with me. Ted Alexandro

The only reason I don't want to commit adultery is because I love my wife and I love my lord. Joseph Prince

What are you looking at?" she asks. What am I looking at? My future wife? The mother of my children? The person I was put on this earth to find? Yes. Pete Wentz

As far as my divorce goes, I love my family and I love my wife to death and I just don't know what tomorrow's going to bring. Hulk Hogan

Love and happiness inextricably combined? I wanted love stories to coincide with war stories, I wanted hope for my characters, I wanted a sense of a future. So do they. So does the reader. But perhaps I shouldn't speak for everyone when I say that love and happiness are interdependent. In my own experience, happiness came with love. Specifically, my wife. That's when my own apathy and stasis ended for good. Said Sayrafiezadeh

I almost never get lonely. I love being alone. I'm glad I'm married, and I love my wife. But there's never been a situation in my life where my unhappiness was based on loneliness. Chuck Klosterman

I did I Love My Wife on Broadway in 1978, and then went into television land. Now things are starting to come together in the way I thought they might when I was a kid. Tom Wopat

I have the best wife and six wonderful children. And I'm proud to report that my future will always be bright with the family that I have. Jim Harbaugh

I have not made any plans for the future, and my wife would kill me if I announced anything before that. Scott Walker

I"d rather be at home making love to my wife while my children are asleep. Joe Biden

Sir, I have quarrelled with my wife; and a man who has quarrelled with his wife is absolved from all duty to his country. Thomas Love Peacock

Road cycling, especially up mountains. It's the heady mixture of endorphins and aesthetics that I love. My wife does it too, and being with her in extreme but beautiful conditions adds to the experience and our relationship. Gary Kemp

I was making love to my wife the other night, I looked up. She was on the phone. Rodney Dangerfield

My wife and I really, really like each other as well as love each other. Eric Bana

I have two children. I have a Down syndrome child whom I love very much, and my wife that I love. Sebastiao Salgado

My wife Shanti and I are blessed with two wonderful daughters. Nothing is more important to us than protecting their future and the future of every Arkansas child. Bill Halter



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