Hypocrisy of Religion Quotes


Pedantry in learning is like hypocrisy inn religion-a form of knowledge without the power of it. Joseph Addison

I love the religion of Christianity - which cometh from above - which is a pure, peaceable, gentle, easy to be entreated, full of good fruits, and without hypocrisy. Frederick Douglass

If the empire of superstition and hypocrisy should be overthrown, happy indeed will it be for the world; but if all religion and morality should be over-thrown with it, what advantage will be gained? John Adams

Hypocrisy is fatal to religion. Mary Baker Eddy

Pedantry in learning is like hypocrisy inn religion - a form of knowledge without the power of it. Joseph Addison

Really, there is no infidelity, nowadays, so great as that which prays, and keeps the Sabbath, and rebuilds the churches. The sealer of the South Pacific preaches a truer doctrine. Henry David Thoreau

If I, being what I am, can consider that I am in some sense a Christian, why should the different vices of those people in the next pew prove that their religion is mere hypocrisy and convention? C S Lewis

When a man has so far corrupted and prostituted the chastity of his mind, as to [profess] things he does not believe, he has prepared himself for the commission of every other crime. Thomas Paine

The prejudice of unfounded belief often degenerates into the prejudice of custom, and becomes at last rank hypocrisy. When men, from custom or fashion or any worldly motive, profess or pretend to believe what they do not believe, nor can give any reason for believing, they unship the helm of their morality, and being no longer honest to their own minds they feel no moral difficulty in being unjust to others. Thomas Paine

Every veil secretly desires to be lifted, except the veil of Hypocrisy. Richard B. Garnett

Never to talk to ones self is a form of hypocrisy Lord Byron

The truth is, the hypocrisy of humans is everywhere Jeremy Griffith

Modesty is the delicate form of hypocrisy. Remy De Gourmont

Never underestimate the hypocrisy of politicians. James Herbert

Cant is the twin sister of hypocrisy. Henry Ward Beecher

This is an example of hypocrisy Miuccia Prada

Thats called hypocrisy, you shuck face piece of -! James Dashner

Hypocrisy is the outward acknowledgment of inward shame. Norm Macdonald

There is not a greater paradox in nature,-than that so good a religion [as Christianity] should be no better recommended by its professors. Laurence Sterne

Where there is no religion, hypocrisy becomes good taste. George Bernard Shaw



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