Hunter S. Thompson Quotes Drugs


Get out of control, but appear under control. It?s not bad to alarm other people, though ? it?s good for them. Hunter S Thompson

Call on God, but row away from the rocks. Hunter S Thompson

We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold. Hunter S Thompson

I wouldn't recommend sex, drugs or insanity for everyone, but they've always worked for me. Hunter S Thompson

I've been studying drugs for years. Hunter S Thompson

Sex, drugs, and insanity have always worked for me, but I wouldn't recommend them for everyone. Hunter S Thompson

"Drugs" are not necessarily narcotics. The narcotic is one type of drug and coffee is a drug... booze is a drug... many drugs.... They're all around us. Hunter S Thompson

No, this is not a good town for psychedelic drugs. Reality itself is too twisted. Hunter S Thompson

The brutal reality of politics would be probably intolerable without drugs. Hunter S Thompson

The mind and body must be subjected to extreme stimulus, by means of drugs and music. Hunter S Thompson

What they are doing is disarming in the battle to stop illegal drugs and illegal aliens. Lamar S Smith

There's also a down side. Hunter S Thompson

I shit on the chest of Fun. Hunter S Thompson

We shit on the chest of Weird. Hunter S Thompson

Paranoia is just another word for ignorance. Hunter S Thompson

In my heart, I am always a Raider. Hunter S Thompson

We were somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold. Hunter S Thompson

National Observer became my road gig out of San Francisco. I was too much for them. I would wander in on off hours drunk and obviously on drugs, asking for my messages. Essentially, they were working for me. They liked me, but I was the Bull in the China Shop - The more I wrote about politics the more they realized who they had on their hands. they knew I wouldn't change and neither would they. Hunter S Thompson

It might be a little rough on some people for a while, but I think it's the only way to deal with drugs. Look at Prohibition: all it did was make a lot of criminals rich. Should be legalized for a matter of sanity. Hunter S Thompson

Hit him again, Jack! He's crazy! Hunter S Thompson



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