Humanity Quotes and Sayings


There is in every truth a wise saying, and in every contradiction, two wise sayings. Robert Breault

My contributions were many: First clown director, with witty sayings and flashily dressed, now called master of ceremonies. Jelly Roll Morton

I am pretty sure that we err in treating these sayings as paradoxes. It would be nearer the truth to say that it is life itself which is paradoxical and that the sayings of Jesus are simply a recognition of that fact. Thomas Taylor

There was never a wise saying that couldn't be made wiser by adding the words, "and vice-versa. Robert Breault

All words and sayings gently turn, returning to the self. Bassui Tokusho

Cheered up himself with ends of verse And sayings of philosophers. Samuel Butler (poet)

A family is a burial mound of its own doings and sayings ... Han Suyin

Old Madame du Deffand and her friends talked for fifty years without stopping. And of it all, what remains? Perhaps three witty sayings. So that we are at liberty to suppose either that nothing was said, or that nothing witty was said, or that the fraction of three witty sayings lasted eighteen thousand two hundred and fifty nights, which does not leave a liberal allowance of wit for any one of them. Virginia Woolf

Gnomic wisdom, however, is notoriously polychrome, and proverbs depend for their truth entirely on the occasion they are applied to. Almost every wise saying has an opposite one, no less wise, to balance it... George Santayana

The Nazi signs have got to stop. If you're in a peace march and the guy next to you has a sign saying that 'Bush is Hitler,' forget the peace thing for a second and beat his ass, because he is not Hitler. Dennis Miller

A word of kindness is seldom spoken in vain, while witty saying are as easily lost as the pearls slipping from a broken string. George D. Prentice

If someone walked along any high street anywhere in London, and probably anywhere in the country, and looked into a letting agency, they would see a sign saying, 'No benefits here.' In other words, anyone in receipt of a state benefit is not allowed to apply for a private rented flat from that agent. Jeremy Corbyn

And all those sayings will I over swear, And all those swearings keep as true in soul As doth that orbed continent the fire That severs day from night. William Shakespeare

Even when there is a real stock of wit, yet the wittiest sayings and sentences will be found in a great measure the issue of chance, and nothing else but so many lucky hits of a roving fancy. Robert South

Ive learned the truth in these sayings: Luck is when opportunity meets preparation and The right project will find you. Tony Oller

Sayings designed to raise a laugh are generally untrue and never complimentary. Laughter is never far removed from derision. Quintilian

I put the Scriptures above all the sayings of the fathers, angels, men and devils. Here I take my stand. Martin Luther

Whosoever quarrels with his fate, does not understated it, says Bettine; and among all her inspired sayings, she spoke none wiser. Lydia Maria Child

The obscurest sayings of the truly great are often those which contain the germ of the profoundest and most useful truths. Giuseppe Mazzini

The bond of our common humanity is stronger than the divisiveness of our fears and prejudices. Jimmy Carter



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