Hospitality Industry Quotes


There are probably close to a million people in the hospitality industry here in the United States, and there are probably only a few hundred opportunities in the food media industry. Curtis Stone

You always get that one customer that decides that your name is boy. Or something. It certainly reinforces a respect I already had for people that are in the hospitality industry. Ryan Reynolds

Stories are verbal acts of hospitality. Eugene H Peterson

On behalf of my native Japan, I am grateful to the culinary community and hospitality industry for working together to raise much-needed funds to aid the tsunami and earthquake victims. Masaharu Morimoto

I'd love to get into the hospitality industry, but I just don't have the time. Gautam Singhania

We use similar products. Our focus industry is healthcare and hospitality. But we haven't done anything interactive. The first day full of seminars is full of things I thought would be useful: quick service restaurant and mobile phone applications. Businesses are providing more services and products by self-service means. Milton Jones

These, then, are the qualities of my ideal diplomatist. Truth, accuracy, calm, patience, good temper, modesty and loyalty. They are also the qualities of an ideal diplomacy. But, the reader may object, you have forgotten intelligence, knowledge, discernment, prudence, hospitality, charm, industry, courage and even tact. I have not forgotten them. I have taken them for granted. Harold Nicolson

Who practices hospitality entertains God Himself. Anonymous

The music industry can make you feel like a prostitute. Jonathan Davis

In the music industry, you are in competition with everyone. Mandy Moore

The music industry is rolling in cash. Jessica Pare

Life is like cooking: before choosing what you love, try everything... Paulo Coelho

Everyone in my industry, the movie industry, is looking at the music industry and going, 'How do we avoid that collapse?' And I don't know if you can, to be quite honest! Colin Hanks

If beef is your idea of 'real food for real people,' you'd better live real close to a real good hospital. Neal Barnard

I'm not an industry artist - I'm an artist in the industry. Dmx

The rule for hospitality and Irish "help," is, to have the same dinner every day throughout the year. At last, Mrs. O'Shaughnessylearns to cook it to a nicety, the host learns to carve it, and the guests are well served. Ralph Waldo Emerson

I may not agree with all or even most of the tribal traditions, but it seems ti me that, out there, people live more authentic lives. They have a sturdiness about them. A refreshing humility. Hospitality too. And resilience. A sense of pride. Khaled Hosseini

I would make the movie industry more like the television industry. TV is more material driven. In TV, you can break new stars. TV can take more chances. Stephen Chbosky

It's interesting that the book publishing industry, on the iPad, has much more flexibility than the music industry had. Edgar Bronfman Jr

People in the fashion industry have used the press a lot more than people in the film industry, because you have nothing to sell except for the image: The image is everything. Elle Macpherson



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