Honorable Quotes


And Brutus is an honorable man, Julius Caesar

Cartooning is an honorable thing Bill Sienkiewicz

No evil is honorable: but death is honorable; therefore death is not evil. Zeno of Citium

Some honorable men spend their whole life preparing for a supreme act of treachery Mario Puzo

You are an honest and honorable man...Ofttimes I forget that. I have met so few of them in my life. George R R Martin

An honorable death is better than a dishonorable life. [Lat., Honesta mors turpi vita potior.] Tacitus

An honorable man will not be bullied by a hypothesis. Bergen Evans

Honorable men don't settle for lives of regret. Stephen Mansfield

Man's life is short; and therefore an honorable death is his immortality. Publilius Syrus

The loss of reason in war seems to me honorable, like the death of a sentry at his post. Leonid Andreyev

Selflessness. Humility. Truthfulness. These are the three marks of an honorable man. Suzy Kassem

Gaylord (Perry) is a very honorable man. He only calls for the spitter when he needs it. Gabe Paul

We are all honorable men here, we do not have to give each other assurances as if we were lawyers. Mario Puzo

I believe I am an honorable man. Joseph J Ellis

Honorable, adj.: Afflicted with an impediment in one's reach. In legislative bodies, it is customary to mention all members as honorable; as, "the honorable gentleman is a scurvy cur.". Ambrose Bierce

Despair is a great incentive to honorable death. Quintus Curtius Rufus

The most honorable, as well as the safest course, is to rely entirely upon valour. Livy

It is the object only of war that makes it honorable. Thomas Paine

Compromise is an honorable word. John Dingell

Honorable battle sustains a Sacred Band. Janet Morris



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