High Eyes Quotes


I always was into singer-songwriters like Bright Eyes. When I was in high school I wanted to do a project that was like that. Weatherbox is the name of a song by Mission of Burma so I just had a theoretical acoustic project while I was in high school that didn't actually exist. Brian Warren

Before I was even in high school, I had dark circles under my eyes. Rumor was that I was a junkie. I have dark circles under my eyes, deal with it. Benicio Del Toro

Before I was ever in high school, I had dark circles under my eyes. Benicio Del Toro

In high school I was best in music class on the trumpet, but the prizes went to the boys with blue eyes. I made up my mind to outdo anybody white on my horn. Miles Davis

Here is a symbol in which Many high tragic thoughts Watch their own eyes. Robinson Jeffers

I think the violence in 'The Hills Have Eyes' and 'High Tension' is much more traumatic than 'Piranha.' Alexandre Aja

If someone had told me in high school that one day I'd write an historical novel, I would have rolled my eyes. Nancy Horan

Before I was ever in high school, I had dark circles under my eyes. The rumor was I was a junkie. I have dark circles under my eyes, deal with it. Benicio Del Toro

YOU YOU YOU your eyes, thick as a high school scrapbook crackling and yellow, curling at the edges a book of myths in which i do not appear. Clint Catalyst

Wherever you go, go with all your heart. Confucius

When all the other animals, downcast looked upon the earth, he [Prometheus] gave a face raised on high to man, and commanded him to see the sky and raise his high eyes to the stars. Ovid

Chin held high, Miss Ohio beamed at an imagined crowd. "I want to be a motivational speaker." "What are you going to motivate people to do?" Smile still in place, she cut her eyes at Adina. "You know. Motivational ... stuff. Libba Bray

When the Artist rises high enough to achieve the Beautiful, the symbol by which he makes it perceptible to mortal senses becomes of little value in his eyes, while his spirit possesses itself in the enjoyment of the reality. Nathaniel Hawthorne

I remember in junior high school, which is what we called it, suddenly I was looking at myself, almost through other people's eyes, and thought: how does the world see me? So that was one of the things I was really interested in, when I was writing Goodbye Stranger. Rebecca Stead

Wild Eyes was built for speed and I was flying down walls of water twenty and thirty feet high. Abby Sunderland

The Christian life is not a constant high. I have my moments of deep discouragement. I have to go to God in prayer with tears in my eyes, and say, 'O God, forgive me,' or 'Help me. Billy Graham

The way I look at myself, the biggest achievement in my eyes - forget winning trophies or scoring in World Cups - is that I'm still at a top club playing at a really high standard having been almost two different players. Michael J. Owen

Don't give up, what've you do; eyes front, head high to the finish. See it through! Edgar Guest

No dream is too high for those with their eyes in the sky. Buzz Aldrin

Fallen, fallen, fallen, fallen, Fallen from his high estate, And welt'ring in his blood; Deserted at his utmost need, By those his former bounty fed; On the bare earth expos'd he lies, With not a friend to close his eyes. John Dryden



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