Henry James Quotes


If you haven't had your life what have you had? Henry James

The fatal futility of Fact. Henry James

Women never dine alone. When they dine alone they don't dine. Henry James

One is oneself a fine consequence. Henry James

We must for dear life make our own counter-realities. Henry James

Most English talk is a quadrille in a sentry-box. Henry James

He was there or was not there: not there if I didn't see him. Henry James

Innocent and infinite are the pleasures of observation. Henry James

... since she might not be splendid, she would at least be immaculate. Henry James

Love has nothing to do with good reasons. Henry James

if you are going to be pushed you had better jump Henry James

Art without life is a poor affair. Henry James

When you forget to eat, you know you're alive. Henry James

Try to be one of the people on whom nothing is lost! Henry James

Live all you can. It's a mistake not to. It doesn't much matter what you do in particular, so much as you LIVE while you're doing it. Henry James

The gardener's rule applies to youth and age: When young 'sow wild oats'; but when old, grow sage. Henry James Byron

He is the same old sausage, fizzing and sputtering in his own grease. Henry James

The time-honored bread-sauce of the happy ending. Henry James

Which of you with taking thought can add to his stature one cubit? Henry James

It exhibits the effort of an essentially prosaic mind to lift itself, by a prolonged muscular strain, into poetry. Henry James



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