Henry Branwell Quotes


Will interrupted. "Henry," he said, "you're on fire. You do know that, don't you? Cassandra Clare

As dull as Nate Gray is," Will said, "his head is not actually filled with gears, Henry. He's a human. Cassandra Clare

It isn't against the Law to be an idiot. Cassandra Clare

Was that Will?" she said finally. Henry arched one ginger eyebrow. "Perhaps he's been kidnapped and replaced by an automaton," he suggested. "It seems possible..." For once Charlotte could only find herself in agreement. Cassandra Clare

He has become a worm. That is what I am telling you." "I don't suppose it would be possible," said Henry into the silence, "to, er, step on him? Cassandra Clare

Henry's breath hissed out through his teeth. That ba-bad man, he finished, with a quick glance at Cecily, who rolled her eyes. Cassandra Clare

And then she said nothing else, for Henry put his arms around her and kissed her. Kissed her in such a way that she no longer felt plain, or conscious of her hair or the ink spot on her dress or anything but Henry, whom she had always loved. Tears welled up and spilled down her cheeks, and when he drew away, he touched her wet face wonderingly. "Really," he said. "You love me, too, Lottie? Cassandra Clare

Surely the Shadowhunter community must honor you and hold you in high esteem as a gentleman who has truly advanced their race. No, Henry said sadly. Mostly they wish that I would stop suggesting new inventions and cease setting fire to things. Cassandra Clare

I sit, this evening, far away, From all I used to know, And nought reminds my soul to-day Of happy long ago. Branwell Bronte

I'll thank thee when approaching death Would quench life's feeble ember, For thou wouldst even renew my breath With thy sweet word 'Remember'! Branwell Bronte

Henry James chews more than he bites off. Henry Adams

[Henry David Thoreau] was worse than provincial-he was parochial. Henry James

Amiable weakness. Henry Fielding

King Henry VIII, who said to his lawyer, Forget the alimony, I've got a better idea. Never got a dinner! Red Buttons

I would put forward a modest proposition that we were very much better governed by Henry VIII than we are by King Gordon. David Starkey

I must have had faith that day. When I went out, I was Henry Fonda again. An unemployed actor but a man. Henry Fonda

There's no rule that you have to like Henry Rollins the musician or the actor. Henry Rollins

Your garden will reveal yourself. Henry Mitchell

And smile, smile, smile. George Henry Powell

Anywhere you hang yourself is home. Henry Rollins



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