Hello Gorgeous Becoming Barbra Streisand


One thing's for sure: now when I look at Funny Girl (1968), I think I was gorgeous. I was too beautiful to play Fanny Brice. Barbra Streisand

I don't read music. Not even essentially. Not even nonessentially. Barbra Streisand

The story of love is hello and goodbye... until we meet again.... Jimi Hendrix

A lot of people are confused by "hello." A lot of people are confused by a lot of things they shouldn't be confused by. Edward Albee

Love comes from the most unexpected places. Barbra Streisand

I was a personality before I became a person. Barbra Streisand

It's not a date. We're just agreeing to eat at the same table. Barbra Streisand

progress, whatever your definition of it, is not inevitable. Barbra Streisand

It's true that I have a very healthy ego; anybody who creates does. Barbra Streisand

The artist as citizen is here to stay. Barbra Streisand

Life's too short. Start with Dessert! Barbra Streisand

I worked in a Chinese restaurant. Barbra Streisand

Art transcends politics this weekend. Barbra Streisand

I'd rather not talk about money. It's kind of gross. Barbra Streisand

Success to me is having ten honeydew melons and eating only the top half of each one. Barbra Streisand

They're called "angels" because they're in heaven until the reviews come out. Barbra Streisand

I'm not weird, just different from people who aren't different. Barbra Streisand

We elected a President, not a Pope. Barbra Streisand

Nobody on this earth has the right to tell anyone that their love for another human being is morally wrong. Barbra Streisand

I'm tired of malicious articles slandering me. Barbra Streisand



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