He Doesn't Deserve You Quotes


If a man doesn't want you at your worst, then he sure as hell doesn't deserve you at your best. Marilyn Monroe

If a guy can't handle you in sweatpants, than he doesn't deserve you in a wedding dress. Drake

My dear sisters in humanity: Your beauty-both internal and external-is priceless. Only the man who marries you has a right to see it. Never forget, if he doesn't want to marry you, he doesn't deserve you. Yasmin Mogahed

Max: "You'll never be good enough to deserve her, you know." Ash: "God doesn't always give you what you deserve," Ash said quietly. "Sometimes he gives you what you can't live without. Teresa Medeiros

He doesn't deserve it. he can have any girl in the world's love and he took yours. someone who deserves so much more than a summer fling Abbi Glines

What he did was wrong. He doesn't deserve your love. But he does deserve your forgiveness, because otherwise he will grow like a weed in your heart until it's choked and overrun. The only person who suffers, when you squirrel away all that hate, is you. Jodi Picoult

You said your mom is the goddess of balance," I reminded him. "The minor gods deserve better, Ethan, but total destruction isn't balance. Kronos doesn't build. He only destroys. Rick Riordan

You just have to go after what you want and if it doesn't want you back then so be it; it doesn't deserve you anyways. Nicole Richie

A person creating a space in his life for something that he doesn't deserve at all gets readily someone whom he doesn't desire in all. Anuj

Randy Moss is not a leader. He doesn't deserve to be the captain of the Oakland Raiders. He's the one who said he wanted to be traded. He's not happy. His effort is lacking. That's a disgrace to the uniform. I don't care what uniform you have on. Boomer Esiason

Wouldn't you be mad if I told you to give up on someone you cared about? Just... hand her over to someone who doesn't even deserve her?" Tod gave me a strange, sad look I couldn't interpret, and the blues in his irises shifted subtly for a moment before he got control of them. "Yeah. I guess I would. Rachel Vincent

He reacted like I slapped him, and I hated hurting him, but I knew he needed to know. "He doesn't deserve it. He can have any girl in the world's love, and he took yours. Someone who deserves so much more than a summer fling." He stood and started to walk away, but stopped and glanced back at me. "If you were mine, I would never let you go." He left the kitchen. Abbi Glines

Not forgiving someone hurts you worse than it hurts him...even if he doesn't deserve to be forgiven...Not forgiving someone is like not pulling a thorn out of your foot just because you weren't the one who put it there. Mercedes Lackey

One of the things that drives me batty is people who think they're court watchers, who say, "Oh, Clarence Thomas. You know, his clerks do all the work for him. You know, he doesn't deserve to be there, and has never done anything." Dahlia Lithwick

Jesus didn't wait until we got better to die for us. He died when we were in our most unlovely state. The person who doesn't deserve love actually needs love more, not less. If you know someone unworthy of love, that's great! You now have a chance to emulate Christ, because the essence of His love is unconditional. Tony Evans

God doesn't do good things for us because we are good and we deserve them. He does good things for us because He is good and loves us. Joyce Meyer

Being single doesn't mean your weak. It means your strong enough to wait for what you deserve. Niall Horan

Settling is about not embracing what is best for you and accepting what you really don't want. When you settle, you accept less than you deserve. Settling becomes a habit and a way of life, but it doesn't have to be. According to Maureen Dowd, "The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for Maureen Dowd

Somewhere underneath it all, I know he doesn't deserve to take up space in my brain. Susane Colasanti

The reader deserves an honest opinion. If he doesn't deserve it, give it to him anyhow. John Ciardi



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