Having an Audience Quotes


Without love it is like having a good song without an audience. Fanny Brice

The networks found themselves having to compete for an increasingly Balkanized audience. Roger Mudd

Do you need an audience to create work, or does not having an audience liberate you and make you a truer artist? Dana Rosemary Scallon

You can feel whether an audience is tightened up and pulled back. Of course the opposite is an audience like we've been having in LA, which is fabulous. Chita Rivera

It's very strange to go from being completely secluded and doing your own work for yourself, to having an audience - and having an audience that's aware of what you do and expects you to do things that they like. It can make things difficult. Jhonen Vasquez

I think at any point, as an artist, whatever the medium - just having an audience means the world. Miguel

I want a movie to be satisfying for an audience. That sense of having to get it done, no matter what cost, is what I like. Sam Worthington

You would never dream of going on to play a scene in front of an audience at least without having rehearsed it. But you do somehow in front of a camera. Ewan Mcgregor

Just me onstage with a mike having an intimate relationship with the audience. I don't get nervous for that. I just get excited. Kevin James

I've been lucky. I've had this history of having an appeal to more than one type of audience. Juice Newton

The live audience, just getting an instant reaction off of an audience is the best part[of the show]. Being in the studio and working on your songs and listening to them back and doing all that - it's a lot of fun, but having that instant reaction and being able to work and vibe with an audience is the best part. Drake Bell

Don't tell your stories to anyone. You'll be more motivated knowing it's a prerequisite to having an audience. Andy Weir

Having an audience is almost like plugging me into an electrical outlet. People feed me so much of their energy. We have a great time. It's all about the fellowship. Paula Deen

You turn the computer into the storyteller and the player into the audience, like in the old days when the storyteller would actually respond to the audience, rather than just having the audience respond to the storyteller. I had an enormous amount of fun, actually, working on that. Douglas Adams

The thing about having an audience right there laughing is that critics can write what they want, but the proof is right there in front of you. Chris Rock

My education was doing good plays and also stinkers. When you do a stinker, you learn how to act. I like having to audition. It's nice to do rehearsals. But it's with an audience that you get to love it! Jeffrey Tambor

I liked working in a series, going to work every day and not having to leave town for long locations. I was producing them and building an audience. Robert Wagner

There's something about being in a house with an audience, and having that immediate feedback. I started acting because of that energy; it's what feeds me on stage and informs my choices. Daniel Dae Kim

I know just enough Japanese to get by if I get lost and greet an audience properly, just from having a lot of Japanese friends and being there over the years. Janis Ian

I love theater. I love sitting in an audience and having the actors right there, playing out what it means to be a human being. Elizabeth Strout



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