Harvey Specter Quotes


There is a specter haunting Europe, the specter of Communism. Karl Marx

Resolutions are flying like snowflakes around here. Arlen Specter

A specter is haunting Eastern Europe: the specter of what in the West is called 'dissent. Vaclav Havel

I'm battling cancer. It's another battle I intend to win. Arlen Specter

I beat a brain tumor. Arlen Specter

'Never give in' was my mindset. Arlen Specter

It's been a great privilege to serve the people of Pennsylvania. Arlen Specter

Cannibals are devouring senators. Arlen Specter

There has never been a verified scientific report that chelation therapy, a gluten-free diet, or anything else can cure autism. Michael Specter

Many of the most eloquent people I have ever met work in lab coats every day. Michael Specter

Hello, Americans, This is Paul Harvey. Standby for news. Paul Harvey

Do not ignore you gift. Your gift is the thing you do the absolute BEST with the LEAST amount of effort."~Steve Harvey Steve Harvey

The mentoring program [of the Steve Harvey foundation] is to teach young boys the principles of manhood. Steve Harvey

Paul Harvey was the most listened to man in the history of radio. ... There is no one who will ever come close to him. Paul Harvey

I have never earned one penny from any pharmaceutical company. I will never accept one penny from them either. Ever. Michael Specter

There are always potential side effects for every vaccine. Michael Specter

Do you believe today that the right to privacy does exist in the Constitution? Arlen Specter

I now find my political philosophy more in line with Democrats than Republicans, Arlen Specter

I think it is true that you can eat extremely healthy food at McDonald's, and you can eat amazingly badly at Chipotle. Michael Specter

Your dollar cheeseburger isn't a dollar if you factor in what it's going to cost in health care. Michael Specter



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