Good Neighborhoods Quotes


Football is Lotto for kids from economically vulnerable neighborhoods. Steve Almond

I wanted it to live in all the diverse neighborhoods I've lived in. Sho Baraka

We lost the connection between the entertainment world and the neighborhoods. Rakim

As spirits roam the neighborhoods at night, Let loose upon the Earth till it be light... Nicholas Gordon

To survive, the people in neighborhoods are going to have to secede. Karl Hess

In neighborhoods without a usable park or playground, the incidence of childhood obesity increases by 29 percent. Darell Hammond

Great powers reserve the right to police bad actors in their neighborhoods. Thomas P M Barnett

Bookstores are lonely forts, spilling light onto the sidewalk. They civilize their neighborhoods. John Updike

In some neighborhoods, if you want to walk down the streets, you've got two choices - look down, or look hard. Andrew Vachss

Groups that work in black neighborhoods around the country have contended that much of subprime lending is 'predatory lending.' Bill Dedman

People who live in SoHo want to be close to the energy, culture, and eccentricities of New York's most charming neighborhoods. Jared Kushner

We don't want bookstores to die. Authors need them, and so do neighborhoods. Roy Blount Jr

Blacks are about seven times more likely to live in neighborhoods of concentrated poverty than whites. John A Powell

Just as important as our society as a whole are our small communities: our neighborhoods, workplaces and schools. Jens Stoltenberg

We saw hundreds of programs to redevelop the central city, the neighborhoods, in the past. Jane Byrne

What I like best in Baltimore is the people, the neighborhoods and what goes on in the neighborhoods. Each has its own stories, own diners and own quirks. It's about community. I also like everything Old Bay. Barbara Mikulski

Good food, good vibes. Keep up the good work. Charles McPherson

Poverty is a weapon of mass destruction. Joblessness is a weapon of mass destruction, homelessness, a weapon of mass destruction... racism, a weapon of mass destruction, fear, a weapon of mass destruction. We must disarm these weapons and renew our commitment to quality public schools and dedicated teachers and good housing and quality health care and decent jobs and stronger neighborhoods. Dennis Kucinich

How our governments need standards of integrity! How our communities need yardsticks to measure decency! How our neighborhoods need models of beauty and cleanliness! How our schools need continued encouragement and assistance to maintain high educational standards! Rather than spend time complaining about the direction in which these institutions are going, we need to exert our influence in shaping the right direction. A small effort by a few can result in so much good for all of mankind. L. Tom Perry

Good company, good wine, good welcome, can make good people. William Shakespeare



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