Gone Away Quotes


Remember me when I am gone away, gone far away into the silent land. Christina Rossetti

Don't run away. Im not running away. Im already gone. -Lena and Ethan Kami Garcia

The gray has gone away. I am living in bright Technicolor. Rosie O'Donnell

Then I kissed Max because I loved him, and everyone I had ever loved before had gone away and I had never kissed them goodbye Glenda Millard

Just 'cause you can't see me don't mean I gone away. Jodi Picoult

Ive seen the meanness of humans till I dont know why God aint put out the sun and gone away. Cormac Mccarthy

I've always loved Christmas and that's not really gone away from me from being a child to now. It's always a magical time and I'm unashamed in my love for Christmas. Martin Freeman

The gods had gone away, and the ritual of the religion continued senselessly, uselessly. Ray Bradbury

Ain'tno sunshine when she's gone. It's not warm when she's away. Ain'tno sunshine when she's gone, and she's always gone too long, anytime she goes away. Bill Withers

Being a child is such a shining gift, yet we don't know how precious it is until it's worn out and gone away. Storm Constantine

I've decided to just keep doing Oh, Hello, where I play an older man who thinks he's very cultured. That clearly has not gone away. Nick Kroll

Actually oddly enough, I think my work, the activism, will be forgotten. And I hope it will. Because I hope those problems will have gone away. Bono

The body will blossom and fade, but you will remain after this body of yours has gone away. This knowledge allows you to love the body without attachment. Thus, the body becomes absolutely pure. Frederick Lenz

Remember me when I am gone away, Gone far away into the silent land. Christina Rossetti

Yesterday is gone and took away its tale. Today we must live a fresh story again. Rumi

People think they will wake up one day and I'll be gone. But I'm never going away. Madonna Ciccone

A child is a life that has not gone too far away from the Creator. Know a child to know life. Jaggi Vasudev

My mind's never gone very far away from what I wanted to accomplish. Dan Gable

While I'm writing, I'm far away; and when I come back, I've gone. Pablo Neruda

I've gone very far, far away, but my character keeps me close to home. Fran Drescher



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