Global Missions Quotes


Mission arises from the heart of God Himself and is communicated from His heart to ours. Mission is the global outreach of the global people of a global God. John Stott

It is just as proper, maybe even more so, to say Christ's global cause has a Church as to say Christ's Church has a global cause. David Bryant

We must be global Christians with a global vision because our God is a global God. John Stott

We're on a mission from God. John Belushi

I've been on a tweeting mission. Gabby Douglas

I spent twenty years of my life trying to recruit people out of local churches and into missions structures so that they could be involved in fulfilling God's global mission. Now I have another idea. Let's take God's global mission and put it right in the middle of the local church! George H. Miley

You can't take it with you - but you can send it on ahead. Randy Alcorn

Once one determines that he or she has a mission in life, that's it's not... Richard M. Nixon

You don't create your mission in life - you detect it. Viktor E Frankl

It seems to be my mission in life to wait on a dog. Georgia O'Keeffe

Nations like the Cuban and the Swiss Can never hope to wage a Global Mission. No Holy Wars for them. The most the small Can ever give us is a nuisance brawl. Robert Frost

What if the very reason we have breath is because we have been saved for a global mission? And what if anything less than passionate involvement in global mission is actually selling God short by frustrating the very purpose for which he created us? David Platt

A high view of God's sovereignty fuels death-defying devotion to global missions. Maybe another way to put it, people, and more specifically pastors, who believe that God's sovereign over all things will lead Christians to die for the sake of all peoples. David Platt

My mission is to see things as they are. Exactly contrary of a mission. Emile M Cioran

The church was made for mission-God's mission Christopher J. H. Wright

I thought: This is not racing, it's a suicide mission. Barry Sheene

Our mission in this new century is clear. For good or ill, we live in an interdependent world. We can't escape each other. Therefore, we have to spend our lives building a global community of shared responsibilities, shared values, shared benefits. William J Clinton

Former vice president Al Gore has devoted his post-administration years to a mission to tell the world about global warming. It's funny, but in his civilian life Gore has discovered the voice that voters had trouble hearing when he ran for president in 2000. The voice he has found is clear, impassioned, and moving. Graydon Carter

If we don't figure out global warming, we're not going to be able to be here. Lisa Rinna

Industrial production of meat makes a huge contribution to global warming. Noam Chomsky



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