Ghosts Quotes


Ghosts and vampires are never only about ghosts and vampires. Thomas C Foster

I am less interested in ghosts than in people who see ghosts. Graham Joyce

I love ghosts; I prefer ghosts to some people. Cher

Western ghosts are evil, but Korean ghosts are about making peace. That is part of our Korean psyche. Minsik Choi

With supernatural things, I have heard ghosts, but I've never seen ghosts. I do seek ghosts and I would love to see one, but I would crap my pants. Guillermo Del Toro

(What are your ghosts like?) (They are on the insides of the lids of my eyes.) (This is also where my ghosts reside.) (You have ghosts?) (Of course I have ghosts.) (But you are a child.) (I am not a child.) (But you have not known love.) (These are my ghosts, the spaces amid love.) Jonathan Safran Foer

So many horrid Ghosts. William Shakespeare

Ghosts only exist for those who wish to see them. Anonymous

Already the dandelions Are changed into vanishing ghosts. Celia Thaxter

I can read the Tarot cards and believe in ghosts. Mark Roberts

'Ghosts' is the most incredible play I've read for years. Harry Treadaway

I see ghosts. Natalie Massenet

I don't believe in ghosts. Rachel Hurdwood

But then, my entire life is bullshit. The best things in it have vanished, ghosts. Ghosts I'll admit I created. Ellen Hopkins

The ghosts of things that never happened are worse than the ghosts of things that did. Lucy Maud Montgomery

I am not in love with him, I am in love with ghosts. So is he, he's in love with ghosts. Michael Ondaatje

Do I believe in ghosts? I believe in the ghosts that haunt the human mind. Edward Abbey

I've only to pick up a newspaper and I seem to see ghosts gliding between the lines. Over the whole country there must be ghosts, as numerous as the sands of the sea. And here we are, all of us, abysmally afraid of the light. Henrik Ibsen

In Eastern culture, people see ghosts, people talk about ghosts... it's just accepted. And in Western culture it's just not. Jessica Alba

Of all ghosts the ghosts of our old loves are the worst. Arthur Conan Doyle



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