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The Marxist doctrine is omnipotent because it is true. It is comprehensive and harmonious, and provides men with an integral world outlook irreconcilable with any form of superstition, reaction, or defence of bourgeois oppression. It is the legitimate successor to the best that man produced in the nineteenth century, as represented by German philosophy, English political economy and French socialism. Vladimir Lenin

Germany cannot get out of the euro. What it has to do, therefore, is make the economy more flexible - to eliminate the restrictions on prices, on wages and on employment; in short, the regulations that keep 10 percent of the German workforce unemployed. Milton Friedman

The carrying out of the Potsdam Agreement has, however, been obstructed by the failure of the Allied Control Council to take the necessary steps to enable the German economy to function as an economic unit. James F Byrnes

The conditions which now exist in Germany make it impossible for industrial production to reach the levels which the occupying powers agreed were essential for a minimum German peacetime economy. James F Byrnes

Our thoughts fly therefore by themselves in this festive hour of our plant community, to the man whom we thank for the ressurection of our Nation: Adolf Hitler, the patron of German labour and German art. Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach

A German philosopher once wrote that he who fights monsters must take care that he doesn't become one himself. Anthony Horowitz

What is certainly true is that the American people, just like the German people, just like the British and people around the world, are seeing extraordinarily rapid change. The world is shrinking, the economies have become much more integrated and demographics are shifting. Barack Obama

The rate of growth of the management skills of any country is inversely proportional to the number of MBAs. Germany produces no MBAs, but America used to produce MBAs by the millions, and you saw the German economy, until at least the '90s, was certainly more efficient than the American economy. Jairam Ramesh

In a business society, the emotional economy is an economy of scarcity. Margaret Halsey

America is stronger than Russia. Our economy is 16 times larger than the Russian economy. Mike Pence

For centuries, the Yangtze River - the longest in Asia - has played an important role in China's history, culture, and economy. The Yangtze is as quintessentially Chinese as the Nile is Egyptian or the Rhine is German. Many businesses use its name. Rebecca Mackinnon

Anything that drags down the American economy drags the Canadian economy down with it. John Ibbitson

Mere parsimony is not economy. Expense, and great expense, may be an essential part in true economy. Edmund Burke

Climate policy has almost nothing to do anymore with environmental protection, says the German economist and IPCC official Ottmar Edenhofer. The next world climate summit in Cancun is actually an economy summit during which the distribution of the worlds resources will be negotiated. Ottmar Edenhofer

After 15 years of work I have achieved, as a common German soldier and merely with my fanatical willpower, the unity of the German nation, and have freed it from the death sentence of Versailles. Adolf Hitler

If parasitism, favoritism, corruption, and greed for the unearned did not exist, a mixed economy would bring them into existence. Ayn Rand

The market economy as such does not respect political frontiers. Its field is the world. Ludwig Von Mises

Don't make a novel to establish a principle of political economy. You will spoil both. Ralph Waldo Emerson

The only preparation for prospering in the global economy is investing in ourselves. William J Clinton

A 'mixed economy' is a society in the process of committing suicide. Ayn Rand



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