Garfield The Cat Quotes


In my head, the sky is blue, the grass is green and cats are orange. Jim Davis

The fog comes on little cat feet. It sits looking over the harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on. Carl Sandburg

Poetry is like fish: if it's fresh, it's good; if it's stale, it's bad; and if you're not certain, try it on the cat. Osbert Sitwell

I've had the pleasure of playing with the baddest Jazz cats on the planet. George Benson

The only cats worth anything are the cats that take chances. Thelonious Monk

I'm not a star. I'm just backing up the cats. Jaco Pastorius

The world's history is a divine poem, of which the history of every nation is a canto, and every man a word. Its strains have been pealing along down the centuries, and though there have been mingled the discords of warring cannon and dying men, yet to the Christian philosopher and historian - the humble listener - there has been a Divine melody running through the song which speaks of hope and halcyon days to come. James A Garfield

History is the unrolled scroll of prophecy. James A Garfield

What happens when you combine blogs, Google and millions of dissatisfied customers? An e-mob. Bob Garfield

The President is the last person in the world to know what the people really want and think. James A Garfield

The fact is, the difference between peak performers and everybody else are much smaller than everybody else thinks. Charles A. Garfield

The children of to-day will be the architects of our country's destiny in 1900. James A Garfield

Eternity alone can reveal to the human race its debt of gratitude to the peerless and immortal name of Washington. James A Garfield

If the power to do hard work is not talent, it is the best possible substitute for it. James A Garfield

I've realised that at the top of the mountain, there's another mountain. Andrew Garfield

Values provide perspective in the best of times and the worst. Charles Garfield

He who controls the money supply of a nation controls the nation. James A Garfield

The right of private judgment is absolute in every American citizen. James A Garfield

Peak performers see the ability to manage change as a necessity in fulfilling their missions. Charles A. Garfield

Values provide perspective in the best of times and worst. Charles A. Garfield



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