Gail Quotes


Follow that porcupine! Gail Carriger

No one ever explained the octopuses. Gail Carriger

I'd rather be loyal than right. Gail Carriger

I shan't marry a prince! Gail Carson Levine

Beauty exists where you least expect to find it. Gail Tsukiyama

Unmediated joy was nowadays unfashionable. Gail Jones

I just have to be me. Gail Kim

Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater. Gail Godwin

Laughter made you live better and longer. Gail Parent

I dare to do things - that's how I survive. Gail Sheehy

Character is what was yesterday and will be tomorrow. Gail Sheehy

I like routine. Gail Porter

Bald is the new black! Gail Porter

I do tend to overdo everything. Gail Porter

I love books. Gail Porter

Creativity can be described as letting go of certainties. Gail Sheehy

I've always had an addictive nature. Gail Porter

Love has no age. Gail Porter

the territory of grief ... is both cruel and commonplace. Gail Caldwell

I always want my guests to be happy and impressed. Gail Simmons



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