Funny Quotes About Eyes


The first thing men notice about a woman is her eyes. Then, when her eyes aren't looking, they notice her breasts. Conan O'Brien

Love is blind; friendship closes its eyes. Friedrich Nietzsche

Cooking is about passion, so it may look slightly temperamental in a way that it's too assertive to the naked eye. Gordon Ramsay

According to a recent survey, men say the first thing they notice about women is their eyes. And women say the first thing they notice about men is they're a bunch of liars. Jay Leno

As she came closer to him she noticed that there was a clean fresh scent of heather and grass and leaves about him, almost as if he were made of them. She liked it very much and when she looked into his funny face with the red cheeks and round blue eyes she forgot that she had felt shy. Frances Hodgson Burnett

It's all about one split-second. Boxing is a funny thing. You blink your eyes and somebody says good night to you. Kostya Tszyu

Nothing's changed my life more. I feel better about myself as a person, being conscious and responsible for my actions and I lost weight and my skin cleared up and I got bright eyes and I just became stronger and healthier and happier. Can't think of anything better in the world to be but be vegan. Alicia Silverstone

Sometimes when you look in his eyes you get the feeling that someone else is driving. David Letterman

Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes? Groucho Marx

Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes. Jim Carrey

The character and the actor in a long-running series slowly become one. I think there must be funny stories about actors who, in the pilot for a TV series, did some weird thing with their eyes, or some speech impediment or something, and the next thing you know, it's eight years later, and they're still doing that freaking gag. William H Macy

It is more worthy in the eyes of God . . . if a writer makes three pages sharp and funny about the lives of geese than to make three hundred fat and flabby about God or the American people. Garrison Keillor

The problem is that we live in an uptight country. Why don't we just laugh at ourselves? We are funny. Gays are funny. Straights are funny. Women are funny. Men are funny. We are all funny, and we all do funny things. Let's laugh about it. Bob Newhart

"A man falls in love through his eyes, a woman through her ears." Woodrow Wyatt

Dude, are my eyes seeing what my brain is telling my eyes that they're seeing? James Roday

The old cathedrals are good, but the great blue dome that hangs over everything is better. Thomas Carlyle

People should fall in love with their eyes closed. Andy Warhol

My girlfriend told me that she was seeing another man. I told her to rub her eyes. Emo Philips

Travel like Ghandi, with simple clothes, open eyes and an uncluttered mind. Rick Steves

Mel: Does Bret's girlfriend look anything like me? Murray: A little, around the eyes. Mel: Oh yeah? Big eyes huh? Murray: Well... she's got eyes. Kristen Schaal



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