Funny As Hell Quotes


It's hot as hell as can be. Eugene Ormandy

Men at most differ as Heaven and Earth, but women, worst and best, as Heaven and Hell. Alfred Lord Tennyson

When I had my Comedy Central roast, David [Spade] was my first choice to be roastmaster, because I adore him. He's funny as hell, and nobody is meaner. Rob Lowe

Football is easy if you're crazy as hell. Bo Jackson

Everything is funny, as long as it's happening to somebody else. Will Rogers

I don't know how many times a phone call or e-mail starts with, "I don't agree with anything you say but you're funny as hell so I listen to your show, I love your show." Stephanie Miller

Life is short and if you're looking for extension, you had best do well. 'Cause there's good deeds and then there's good intentions. They are as far apart as Heaven and Hell. Ben Harper

Chris Hemsworth is like Christopher Reeve in that he can do two things: he can wear a big red cape without a shred of self-consciousness. But he's also funny as hell, and he's so sweet. So with all the fish-out-of-water stuff, he's so funny. So he does almost two jobs in a way. Tom Hiddleston

I don't like to commit myself about heaven and hell - you see, I have friends in both places. Mark Twain

About as close you can get to the perfect cerebral thriller: searingly smart, ridiculously funny, and fast as hell... I defy anybody to read the first page and not keep going to the last. Lev Grossman

Funny as hell, searingly honest, and urgently real, Sam Pink's Rontel puts to shame most modern fiction. His writing perfectly captures the bizarre parade that is Chicago, with all its gloriously odd and wonderful people. This book possesses both the nerve of Nelson Algren and the existential comedy of Albert Camus. Joe Meno

Maybe this world is another planet's hell. Aldous Huxley

People would ask me, 'Is he as funny at home as he is in the movies?' ... I would have to answer, 'Well, he can be funny. But he is also very serious. He has insomnia and if we him up early, he would bawl the hell out of me'. Arthur Marx

Where the hell is Australia anyway? Britney Spears

Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love. Charles Maurice de Talleyrand

Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company. Mark Twain

There is no path I follow. I feel as if I'm just drifting along, because although I can progress physically, through my training, mentally and spiritually I don't know what the hell I'm doing. It's like that car sticker: 'Don't follow me, I'm lost'. Steve Ovett

As an adult, I'm not supposed to go down slides. So if I'm at the top of a slide, I have to pretend that I got there accidentally. "How the hell did I get up here? I guess I have to slide down. Whee!" That's what you say when you're having fun. You refer to yourself and some other people. Mitch Hedberg

No comedian's wife thinks he's funny. The first few years of the marriage, maybe. I was funny as hell the first couple of years. Tom Smothers

It is good to have friends both in Heaven and Hell. George Herbert



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