Fuel Economy Quotes


A creative economy is the fuel of magnificence. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Technology fuels economy, unfortunately in today's world it's the fuel that drags economy Yatin Patel

Technology fuels economy, unfortunately in today's world it's the fuel that drags economy Yatin Patel

Speaking of prostitutes, big oil's top call girl Sen Inhofe wants to kill fuel economy backed by automakers, small biz, enviros, & consumers Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

So the only way we're going to improve fuel economy or appliance efficiency swiftly and to the maximum extent practicable is if the government requires it. Sherwood Boehlert

In the luxury segment, if we just focused on fuel economy, that wouldn't be enough. Robert M. Carter

They're trying to make fuel cells a reality. They want to bring the hydrogen economy to the United States. Thomas Davis

Forcing automakers to sell smaller cars to improve fuel economy [is like]... fighting the nation's obesity problem by forcing clothing manufacturers to sell garments in only small sizes. Bob Lutz

Today, you get better performance from a Ford Focus than a Ferrari from the mid-70s. [The Focus] is just as fast and with better fuel economy. It's fun to see supercar technology trickle down to everyday cars. Jay Leno

Scientists at MIT and engineering schools all across America say that they could improve the fuel economy standards for the existing set of vehicles by 10 miles per gallon using existing technology, without compromising safety or comfort at all. Ed Markey

The U.S. uses most of its oil for transportation. We can limit U.S. demand for oil by requiring automakers to use the technology that already exists to improve fuel economy - technology that the automakers refuse to bring into the market despite societal demand. Sherwood Boehlert

The problem is, is that President Bush and the Republican leadership in the Congress have resisted attempts to increase dramatically our fuel economy standards over the last five years. Ed Markey

Rising carbon price is essential to 'decarbonize' the economy - to remove the nation towards the era beyond fossil fuels. James Hansen

We could do some household and neighborhood or town wind energy. But even this will run up eventually against the problem of needing an underlying fossil fuel economy to fabricate the hardware. Same with photovoltaic (solar) energy. We're going to be disappointed by what these things can do for us. James Howard Kunstler

You work hard for your income, and that hard work is what fuels the economy. Emily Oster

Energy markets can be thought of as suffering from appendicitis due to fossil fuel subsidies. They need to be removed for a healthy energy economy. Fatih Birol

There is no doubt that the increasing numbers of women in the economy has helped fuel significant growth everywhere. And economies that are making the shift more effectively and rapidly are dramatically outperforming those that have not. Hillary Clinton

It's time to transition beyond our fossil fuel addiction to a just economy based on green jobs, renewable energy, and local organic food. Winona Laduke

However, it may occur that we will find ourselves using a variety of fuel sources to give us the energy we need support our lifestyles and boost our economy. Virgil Goode

We need stable regimes in this part of the world [the Mideast] who will be partners and friends of ours, because the fact of the matter is we do rely on imported oil to fuel our economy and to fuel our nation. Colin Powell



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