Frunny Team Work Quotes


It is better to have one person working with you than three people working for you. Dwight D Eisenhower

Great teams work harder after a tough loss. Ron Brown

The path to greatness is along with others. Baltasar Gracian

Teams do not go physically flat, they go mentally stale. Vince Lombardi

Everyone is needed, but no one is necessary. Bruce Coslet

A major reason capable people fail to advance is that they don't work well with their colleagues. Lee Iacocca

No member of a crew is praised for the rugged individuality of his rowing. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Most teams aren't teams at all but merely collections of individual relationships with the boss. Each individual vying with the others for power, prestige and position. Douglas McGregor

If a team is to reach its potential, each player must be willing to subordinate his personal goals to the good of the team. Bud Wilkinson

The era of the rugged individual is giving way to the era of the team player. Bruce Coslet

Gettin' good players is easy. Gettin' 'em to play together is the hard part. Casey Stengel

What we need to do is learn to work in the system, by which I mean that everybody, every team, every platform, every division, every component is there not for individual competitive profit or recognition, but for contribution to the system as a whole on a win-win basis. W Edwards Deming

A single leaf working alone provides no shade. Chuck Page

In order to have a winner, the team must have a feeling of unity; every player must put the team first ahead of personal glory. Bear Bryant

Synergy is the highest activity of life; it creates new untapped alternatives; it values and exploits the mental, emotional, and psychological differences between people. Stephen Covey

Team members who feel threatened but who are not aware of it become rigid - and that stops teamwork. William Schutz

Teams are successful when they are focused, have a short cycle time, and are supported by the executives. Thomas J. Bouchard, Jr.

A team can't work when a guy puts himself in front of a team. I have yet to be on a team like that. Lebron James

Ive got a fantasy-baseball team with my brother. But I have to admit, he does all the work. David Einhorn

Animation, by necessity, is a team sport, and the fewer people with input into my work, the better I like it. Bill Watterson



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