Free of Mind Quotes


There are just two rules of governance in a free society: Mind your own business. Keep your hands to yourself. P. J. O'Rourke

The Magistrate suffered from the disability of a free-thinking turn of mind and from a life that was barren and dreary to match. J. G. Farrell

There is a Passion natural to the Mind of man, especially a free Man, which renders him impatient of Restraint. George Mason

Numbers are the free creation of the human mind. Richard Dedekind

For the eight years I was president I never let my dream of a nuclear-free world fade from my mind. Ronald Reagan

I never think about missing a free throw. All that goes through my mind when I'm at the line is seeing the ball go through the bottom of the net. Brad Daugherty

What is it to be a fool for Christ? It is to control one's thoughts when they stray out of line. It is to make the mind empty and free... Saint John Chrysostom

I am for reformation by emigration. The emigration of the mind before the revolution of the state. The soul and mind must be free before one has a right to be a member of a free government. Ameen Rihani

Once you free your mind about the concept of harmony and of music being correct, you can do whatever you want. So nobody told me what to do, and there was no preconception of what to do. Giorgio Moroder

When one is without ego, one becomes immediately free of all personal judgements, and perceives life and the world with divine eyes and mind. Nothing is offensive to them and they remain in perfect serenity and peace always. Mooji

True spirit of Judo is nothing but the gentle and diligent free spirit. Judo rests on flexible action of mind and body. The word flexible however never means weakness but something more like adaptability and openmindedness. Gentleness always overcomes strength. Kyuzo Mifune

The main problem is to free your mind when you play. I find that in my own playing, whenever I feel any kind of tension, I'm restricted to playing the most fundamental kinds of things. Art Farmer

The principle of martial arts is not a thing that can be learned, like a science, by fact-finding and instruction in facts. It has to grow spontaneously, like a flower, in a mind free from emotions and desires. Bruce Lee

Nothing can produce so great a serenity of life as a mind free from guilt and kept untainted, not only from actions, but purposes that are wicked. By this means the soul will be not only unpolluted but also undisturbed. The fountain will run clear and unsullied. Plutarch

Every New Year's Eve, I have a pact to do something I never thought I'd do. So I created this list. You have to free your mind to do things you wouldn't think of doing. Don't ever say no. Carl Lewis

To his mind, free will was a privilege, not a right. J.R. Ward

One of the names of Buddha is TATHAGATA - one who lives in suchness, one who has become free from all the distractions of the mind. And the miracle is that the mind consists only of distraction, so once you are free of all distractions there is no mind left. In the present there is no mind. In the present there is only consciousness, awareness, watchfulness. Rajneesh

Meditation helps concentration of the mind. Then the mind is free from thoughts and is in the meditated form. Ramana Maharshi

Happiness depends only on your mind. When the mind is free of past impressions and future cravings, happiness is there. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The signs of good health are an intellect which is free from inhibition and arrogance, a heart which is full of compassion is healthy, a confusion-free mind, a trauma-free memory and a sorrow-free soul. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar



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