Free Economy Quotes


The most important single central fact about a free market is that no exchange takes place unless both parties benefit. Milton Friedman

President Obama insists hes a free-market guy. But you have to wonder whether he understands how a free economy really works. Fred Barnes

The right to suffer is one of the joys of a free economy. Howard Pyle

The trouble with a free market economy is that it requires so many policemen to make it work. Dean Acheson

There is no pure free-market economy. Jeane Kirkpatrick

Nobody spends somebody else's money as carefully as he spends his own. Milton Friedman

No one spends someone elses money as carefully as he spends his own. Mark Skousen

The nature of the economic system should be a matter for public choice, and free market capitalism should not be accepted without any discussion of the rich variety of alternatives ... Unlike civil laws, economic laws are imposed on people with all the authority of immutable laws of nature. But the economy is created by people, supported by government intervention, regulation, statute and subsidy, and implemented in such a way that it gives substantial wealth and power to a privileged few, while the majority face a life of relentless work, stress and periodic financial insecurity. Tony Benn

I support freedom and I support a free market economy, but it should be a socially oriented market economy. I support globalization, but it should be globalization with a human face. Mikhail Gorbachev

A global economy is characterized not only by the free movement of goods and services but, more important, by the free movement of ideas and of capital. George Soros

To know oneself is the first step toward making flow a part of one's entire life. But just as there is no free lunch in the material economy, nothing comes free in the psychic one. If one is not willing to invest psychic energy in the internal reality of consciousness, and instead squanders it in chasing external rewards, one loses mastery of one's life, and ends up becoming a puppet of circumstances. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

President Obama's view of a free economy is to send your money to his friends. My vision for a free enterprise economy is to return entrepreneurship and genius and creativity to the American people! Mitt Romney

The free economy is not the enemy but the friend of social capital. Ted Malloch

All depressions are caused by government interference and the cure is always offered to take more of the poison that caused the disaster. Depressions are not the result of a free economy. Ayn Rand

A depression is a large-scale decline in production and trade...there is nothing in the nature of a free-market economy to cause such an event. Nathaniel Branden

The right combination is between a free economy and social policy that addresses the needs of society and creates equal opportunity. Benjamin Netanyahu

After order and liberty, economy is one of the highest essentials of a free government. Calvin Coolidge

The public trust is at the core of both a free market economy and a democracy. Hillary Clinton

Let us have the candor to acknowledge that what we call "the economy" or "the free market" is less and less distinguishable from warfare. Wendell Berry

Servile labour disappeared because it could not stand the competition of free labour; its un-profitability sealed its doom in the market economy. Ludwig Von Mises



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