Fraud Users Quotes


EITC is an invitation to fraud. Newt Gingrich

Fraud is the ready minister of injustice. Edmund Burke

Violence and fraud can create no right. Algernon Sidney

the biggest ever scientific fraud Andrey Kapitsa

A pious fraud. [Lat., Pia fraus.] Ovid

Fraud makes the world go round. John Updike

Who would have guessed that the monster of fraud was a democracy? Andrew Davidson

Words have users, but as well, users have words. And it is the users that establish the world's realities. Amiri Baraka

The greatest challenge Internet users face is information overload. James Garner

Wherever there is possession of marks, there is fraud ; wherever there is no-possession of no-marks, there is no fraud. Hence the Tathagata is to be seen from no-marks as marks. Gautama Buddha

Give users what they actually want, not what they say they want. Kathy Sierra

I don't think that there would be more users if drugs were legalized. Roman Polanski

Ultimately progress is measured sort of through the eyes of users. Steve Ballmer

Users are not designers. Jakob Nielsen

Designers are not users. Jakob Nielsen

The users space is lived - not represented or conceived. Henri Lefebvre

We have to stop optimizing for programmers and start optimizing for users. Jeff Atwood

Mac users swear by their computers. PC users swear at their computers. Anonymous

Because Mint has access to all of your bank accounts and credit cards, we can detect fraud or unusual spending patterns faster than your bank, then send an email or text message alert to users. Aaron Patzer

Features that offer value to a minority of users impose a cost on all users. Douglas Crockford



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